Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Solar Tips from the Big Green Expo

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As I mentioned yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised by the quantity of products and services to learn about at the Big Green Expo in Orlando. I would have liked to spend an hour with each vendor. Since Solar Energy is of particular interest to me, I'll offer some Tuesday Tips that I learned on this topic:

  • Three Solar Today Magazine issues are available free online at this link, including the latest news and advice about solar energy, energy efficiency, and other sustainable technologies.

  • The Fall, 2008 edition, which I received at the Expo, includes an article of rebates and financing your solar renovation.

  • A Buyer's Guide to over 1,650 vendors Nationwide is included in this issue, to help you find an installer and supplier.

  • Virtually all vendors I spoke with suggested that Solar hot water heaters are the place to start, for Florida homeowners.

  • The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) can help with your questions. A list of these is in the magazine above, or check with ASES or Solar Today.

  • Here are the questions you need to ask to get started:
  1. Which renewable energy technologies work best in my climate?

  2. Which local installers do you have experience with?

  3. Does my local utility offer any special programs I should know about?

  4. Is there a chapter member who might be willing to mentor me while I'm learning about energy technologies for my home?

  5. When and where is your next chapter meeting, and is it open to nonmembers?

Thanks to Solar Today Magazine for this information. It ought to get you and ME started. My plan is to start with Solar water heating, when my current water heater dies, which I am anticipating will be shortly. The thing is ancient, and they don't have lifetime warranties. So, armed with the above info on getting the ball rolling, I'll hopefully be able to pick a replacement model before I need to make the switch. Happy Solar shopping, and keep me informed on any interesting finds. I'd love to hear from you.Tomorrow is a very important post. I urge you to join me to learn about the most important place on the web to find out how and where to recycle toxic items from your home. Hiding toxic discards in garbage bags and sending them to the dump is simply poisoning the Earth. I hope you'll stop in tomorrow and find out just how easy it is to avoid this toxic solution to your waste disposal problems. It's one simple website visit.

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