Thursday, November 6, 2008

Recycled Writing Instruments

© copyright Carrie Boyko

The pen and pencil above are both made of recycled materials. I was given these at the Big Green Expo by a representative from the Orange County Utilities recycling program. The main section of the pen is recycled paperboard, no particular surprise. But the pencil is made of recycled money. It feels much like any other pencil which is typically made of wood. It also looks like those pencils, and weighs about the same. Yet it is made of used, destroyed paper money.
I guess I haven't paid attention in my local office supply stores in a while, because I was told that similar such products are available. When I visited one store nearby, I did find recycled pencils, although no pens that were clearly labeled recycled. A website which I used for lots of green Halloween ideas suggested giving away these pencils made of money. Next year I may try to find some that are Halloween colors or themes, if possible. The idea that the pencils are made of money is really cool to kids.
Today's Thursday Green Tip Toe is all about keeping your eyes open. Watch for recycled products everywhere you go to make purchases. When you choose recycled, you send a clear message to other businesses who do not use recycled materials in their products. Send that message loud and clear.
Starting tomorrow, I'll be focusing largely on Thanksgiving preparations. with my menu and shopping list to appear on Tuesday, November 11. Stop in all month for lots of recipe and cooking tips, along with a few surprises.

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