Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Help! Put Your Thinking Caps On...

© photo copyright Carrie Boyko

Thanks for taking 30 seconds of your time to answer some questions about your reasons for eating organic. The questions are in the right sidebar just under the yellow Eat Well Guide widget.

This week's Woofing Wednesday website is Green Living Online. If you have time, take a tour of their offerings. They have several blogs with tighter themes on living green, and a multitude of postings on all things green. Enjoy.

My next organic baking delight airs on Blake Bakes tomorrow. This time I've prepared a recipe for organic pound cake, which makes a double batch. This is a rich, moist pound cake with an especially tasty top crust that really makes it. Special occasion coming up? Try it.

Tomorrow's Green Tip Toe is about what happens when green is not safe. No solution is perfect, and this article discusses the pros and cons of an apparently green technology. Any thoughts? Start a dialogue. Let's hear your opinions.

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