Friday, October 24, 2008

Disney Working to be Earth Friendly

© photo copyright Carrie Boyko

Dinner at the Contemporary Hotel at Disney this past week was exciting in more ways than one. Although I hadn't been there in 30+ years (I'm giving away my age), the hotel was well-preserved and still contemporary looking. Our reservations with family in town for a Disney week were at The Wave restaurant, just inside the parking lot entrance.
My first thrill was when I opened the menu and saw numerous Organic offerings, from coffee to food options, organics were visibly a significant part of the menu. It was truly a pleasant surprise to be able to order an Organic Capuccino.

When water and cold drinks arrived, the straws boasted another green statement--Environmentally Friendly Paper Straws--from Aardvark Straws. Unlike the paper straws of my childhood, these appear to feel and look more durable.

Those of you who have been to any type of animal park or zoo in recent years are probably aware that most of those venues have abandoned plastic straws because of their danger to the animals. Paper straws, however, do not present the same hazards, and are biodegradable if they end up in the moat around the lion's den. During our visit around Animal Kingdom, I saw Aardvark Straws in every restaurant, and was happy to see no plastic substitutions jeapardizing the safety of the animals.

As for my preference, their compostable quality, coupled with the fact that they aren't plastic, makes them more Earth friendly than the plastic versions. Anything we can do to eliminate plastics is fine by me, even if we're doing it for the animals, instead of the people. Hmm...Has our concern for the animals' health and safety become more important than our concern for humans? Maybe we need to get the animal rights activists involved in our green lobbying activities. They are obviously doing something right.

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