Friday, October 10, 2008

Composting 101: Part IV:

More Composting Options and Information

You may be wondering why I have not included phone books. They're newsprint, just like the newspaper. Yes, they are compostable, but I have a better idea, inspired by one of Jolly Green Planet's suggestions. I'll save this for another Thursday Green Tip Toe. Check back, and meanwhile, save those old phone books, catalogs and newspapers.

So here we go...the blind leading the blind. I am really hoping some of you will comment and give us some more tips. So, for now, all I can tell you from experience is the stuff that deals with setting up and starting a compost pile. My first pile is only about 4-5 weeks old and hasn't yet turned into compost.

Sure, you can buy compost bins and tumblers all over the internet, if you're willing to spend $50-$400. The one pictured above, The NatureMill, is available through Jolly Green Planet, and produces compost in about 2 weeks--amazing! There's a wide range of sizes and types available, with an equally wide range of prices. If you don't have a yard (apartment, condo, etc.), you'll have to decide between a compost bin or a worm bin for inside. I was surprised to learn that they make models for inside your home. They look rather like a trash compactor, and can be placed in a closet, laundry room or garage. According to Vicki and Jolly Green Planet, some truly green homes, have them installed under the cabinets in their kitchens. After all, why tote the garbage outside, when the job can be done in the house, and still smell like a rainforest. For complete information and a thorough explanation of all the things you can do to speed up your production of compost, you can visit either of these sites. They will go into things like nitrogen to carbon ratios and optimum moisture and oxygen--all that stuff that I'm too lazy to worry about might be a barrel of monkeys for you. Clearly, focusing on all the details will speed up the time it takes to actually have compost that you can use to fertilize your plants and yard.

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One final note: COMMENTS, please! Click the purple COMMENT link following the post and leave me your questions or ideas. If you are already a composter, I would love to hear from you. I have a lot to learn. What can you teach me?

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