Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Specialized Food Movements Growing

As little as 10 years ago, I could not have told you what some of the now popular dietary specialties are, much less have explained why someone would choose to eat that way. I really have a lot to learn about the many, many ways a person can choose to eat healthy. I am amazed to learn just how many specialized diets there are, and particularly how big a following they each have. Doing a bit of research, I got thousands of hits for each of the specialized ways of eating listed below. We each have different needs and priorities, thus making this list quite lengthy. Check it out and see if I have included your particular menu choices. Admittedly, I have left out most of the commercialized diets, designed to make money for someone.

  1. Alkaline diet

  2. caffeine free

  3. dairy free

  4. diet related to religious beliefs

  5. Eat for my blood type

  6. fat free

  7. Feingold diet

  8. gluten free

  9. high calorie

  10. high protein

  11. iodine free

  12. juice diets for detoxing

  13. kosher

  14. low calcium

  15. low calorie

  16. low salt

  17. low protein

  18. Okinawa Diet

  19. Mediterranean Diet

  20. Multiple Sclerosis Diet

  21. nitrate free

  22. no bread or pasta

  23. no eggs

  24. no food additives

  25. no high fructose corn syrup

  26. no nuts

  27. no pork

  28. no salt

  29. no shellfish

  30. no synthetic sweeteners

  31. only sea salt

  32. only organic foods

  33. preservative free

  34. pro-biotic

  35. raw foods

  36. sugar free

  37. vegan

  38. vegetarian

  39. whole foods

Many of you probably attempt to incorporate several of these dietary restrictions in your own regimen. If I have missed anything, please drop me a COMMENT below. Fill me in on what and why you eat the way you do. This will help me to keep you all in mind.

My Tuesday food tip is to get to know your own eating habits better. Stop by the bookstore or library and pick up a book that reflects your goals in eating. Some of you may even find the series of books on eating for your blood type quite interesting. I certainly did, along with a couple of others, pictured above. When you have finished reading your book, most certainly you will have learned something more about doing it better. Thanks for reading Organic Journey Online and for following along with me on this learning expedition. I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts and what you would like to learn more about.

Composting 101: Part II will be coming your way on Friday, when I'll be explaining site selection and setup of a backyard compost pile. If you missed the first edition, scroll up to my September 26 post: Composting 101: Part I of V.

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