Friday, September 19, 2008

Organic Lunches on the Go

Back to school is old news now, as the kids here have been in school a month already. It's time to think about changing up the lunch ideas so your kids don't get bored. I'd get bored with eating the same stuff every week also. Here are three new ideas to add to the ones I brought you a while back.

Organic Lunch Parfaits
Organic yogurt
Organic fruit
Organic granola (granola cereal works great too)

Using a wide-mouthed or sectioned container or thermos (chill it first for best results) layer yogurt and small fruit pieces. To prevent browning, stir in any fruit that tends to darken. Provide the granola in a small container to add at lunch time, so it doesn't get soggy. This is like dessert, but with a great protein and vitamin punch. Kids love it.
Parfaits make great breakfasts and desserts also, especially if you're putting on the dog for company. Go ahead and layer all 3 ingredients into parfait glasses just before you serve, topping with one slice of fruit as a garnish. Enjoy!
Organic Raisin Bread and Creme Cheese Sandwiches
Not much of a recipe needed here, huh? Spread two raisin bread slices with organic creme cheese to make a sandwich, and wrap securely to keep moist. You can buy organic raisin bread or make it in your bread maker. If you're energetic, I have a wonderful homemade organic raisin bread recipe at Blake Bakes, where I provide organic recipes. Try it sometime and surprise your family with a warm and delicious smelling treat. It's great for breakfast, snacks, lunches and dessert--truly a multi-purpose, healthy bread.
Organic Gelatin and Fruit Salad
  • One package non-flavored gelatin
  • Fruit pieces, your choice
  • Organic apple juice (try other flavors too)

Following the recipe in the non-flavored gelatin package, using juice. Chill until thickened. Stir in fruit pieces and spoon into lunch-sized containers or chilled, wide-mouthed thermoses. This also makes a beautiful, special-occasion dessert, when placed in a clear, parfait glass or other tall, glass serving-sized dish.

If you're interested in back-tracking to my earlier lunch ideas you can check out the following links to my lunch posts:

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Anonymous said...

First Juice is a great organic drink to add to kid's lunches. It is healthy and comes in spill-proof bottles which work out perfect for the lunch boxes.

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