Monday, September 15, 2008

Moo! Which Organic Milk Tastes Best?

Milk. It is easily the first organic that most families change over to, and for good reason. If you ask why, the answer is in the news. Most of us have now heard that milk cows are fed growth hormones, which accumulate in our bodies, encouraging earlier sexual maturity. Organic milk is produced without growth hormones, along with a host of other nasty stuff like pesticide treatment on the pastures that the cows graze on. I don't want that in MY milk.

But the real question I hear from people who aren't yet drinking organic milk is, "How is the taste?"
I interviewed a friend who is a big milk lover. Here is his input:

NOTE: CB=Carrie Boyko, ML=Milk Lover
Note to Organic Valley Farms: Please Pardon the exclusion of your photo here. I hate to admit it but my dog ate the carton just before the photo was taken. I guess he likes your milk. We do too!

Milk Lover's Interview:

CB: So, you tried the 3 national brands of milk I asked you to taste test for me, right?
ML: Yes. I also tried the store brands from Publix and Whole Foods Market. Thanks for the coupons, by the way.
CB: Great. Tell me what, if anything, you found different in the various brands.
ML: Hmmm. I was happy to find out that all the milk brands I tried tasted pretty much the same.
CB: You mean they all tasted the same?
ML: Yeah, pretty much.
CB: When you buy milk for yourself, do you purchase whole milk, 2%, 1% or skim?
ML: Well, lately I’ve been noticing a little pudge around my middle so I’ve starting drinking skim. I used to just buy whatever, probably mostly whole. I’m getting older now and I haven’t been working out as much, so it’s starting to show.
CB: So, you were able to just switch to skim milk without gradually getting used to the taste of less fat, by trying 2% and working your way down?
ML: Yeah. No problem there. My sister is a big organics buff. She got me to try the Horizon Skim Milk at her house, and when I did I was shocked at how creamy it tasted.
CB: My husband said something similar about the organic skim milk tasting better than non-organic skim milk. Any idea why?
ML: Nope.
CB: I’d like to think it has something to do with the missing “ingredients”. You know, the ones that aren’t on the label: pesticides, hormones, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. It seems to me that if a product is not laced with these, it is bound to taste somewhat different--better.
ML: Must be. I’m hooked on that Horizon Skim Milk now. I buy a half gallon on the way to work every day and its gone before lunch.
CB: You have a very physical job, being a contractor. Don’t you drink sports drinks and water?
ML: Yes, I do, but more in the afternoon. In the morning, I drink milk to give me a protein boost for the day. The protein helps keep me sharp all day.
CB: I’ve heard that is how people with blood sugar problems like diabetes and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) help to control their blood sugar and energy. What else do you drink for energy?
ML: I’m not into caffeine, if that’s what you mean. I prefer protein drinks, like I often get a protein smoothie in the morning for breakfast—the giant sized one. If I do meet one of the guys at Starbucks, I always get decaf, usually a Frappuccino. It’s more like a dessert. Ha ha!
CB: Good for you! I’m a Starbucks junkie, myself. I do like that I can get my vanilla latte with organic milk. I even did a post on my Starbucks vanilla latte. I guess it is my vice; you know, everyone has to have a vice. Funny, but I’ve known you for about 15, 16 years, and I don’t know of a vice you have.
ML: Don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs. Not much of a sweets lover. I don’t know, maybe you’re right. I’ll think on that.
CB: Okay, well thank you for talking to me about the milk comparisons. My readers will enjoy hearing that organic milk, even skim, can be better tasting than non-organic.
ML: Yeah. I was surprised. Good luck with the blog. I’ll check it out.

******End of Interview******

The three national brands of milk taste-tested were Horizon, Organic Valley Farms, and Stonyfield Farms. For coupons (many are as much as $1.00 off) you can visit their websites or my latest coupon collection at Organic Coupons, Coupons and Coupons.
Don't forget to save a glass of that milk to enjoy with your favorite cookies or raisin bread. I have wonderful organic recipes for Organic Cinnamon Raisin Bread and Organic Oatmeal Raisin Cookies posted at Blake Bakes, where I occasionally post organic recipes. Next up? Organic Pound Cake is coming on October 2, and this would be awesome with a cold glass of organic milk.

On another note, one of my latest organic experiments has been starting a compost pile, which I mentioned in my Wednesday post, Excited About Organic Lawn Care on Woofing Wednesday. Join me Thursday for some tips on starting your own compost pile. It's easy and your landfill will love you for it. See you then.

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