Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lend Me Your Ears: Woofing Wednesday

This Woofing Wednesday is more like a nose wiggle, and is dedicated to Robby, our rabbit, who will be moving "home" in a couple of weeks to live with his original owner, my son. I have to say that he is the "greenest pet" I have ever owned, as even his litter (made of pine shavings) and his droppings (totally vegetarian) are compostible, and have been added to my ongoing compost pile. I'll be telling you more about that in a later post.

Robby and his canine companions are just one of the reasons we converted to organic lawn care. The other, of course, is that organic products don't contaminate the ground and ground water with toxins.

You've all seen them, those signs the lawn care companies are required to leave in your yard after they treat your grass with chemicals. As I've mentioned in recent days, I just hired an organic lawn care company to care for our yard. I was surprised to learn that they, too, are required to leave a sign that says they have treated your yard, even though their organic ingredients are not required to be rated, analyzed, etc. by the government. Interesting and confusing. They put stuff like fish emulsion and corn gluten meal on my lawn and have to post a sign saying it is safe to play there--immediately upon application. Sometimes the things our government does in the name of safety don't make any sense, but at least it is clear that my yard isn't contaminated with chemicals. I also liked that the technician put the sign in the garden where you can see our gas-saving Honda Civic. That baby gets 36 mph on the highway.

This week, rather than giving you a link to follow, I'm bringing you some interesting facts to ponder about pets and pesticides, provided by Jolly Green Planet:

  • According to the National Cancer Institute, dogs with common cancer (canine malignant lymphoma or CML) were 30% more likely to have lived in a home where the owners had employed a commercial lawn company to treat their yard.
  • Dogs exposed to the weed killer 2,4-D die of cancer at twice the normal rates.

There is a healthy alternative to synthetic lawn chemicals. Find out what is available in your area by doing a Google search on organic lawn care. Your happy, green dogs will be healthier.

Tomorrow join me for some tree planting fun. I felt the need to replenish the oxygen at one of our investment properties, so they got 5 new trees...babies, but they'll grow. Food Friday is coming up, and I'll have a surprise topic for you. Come see what I've got in store.

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