Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Does This Sign Keep Your Children and Pets Safe?

Absolutely Not!

When the pesticide or other chemical application dries, is it gone? Of course not. You know that, but signs like these try to lead us to believe that once the pesticide dries it is no longer harmul.

Think about what goes on in your grass. My kids rolled around in the grass while wrestling, playing tag, kickball, and the list goes on. The same with my dogs. They love to roll in the grass when they go outside to play.

Here's a somber, yet important consideration. A friend of mine had a beautiful black Labrador retriever. She was still young and vigorous, and a constant companion to my friend. One day she had a seizure and died from complications that followed. The veterinarian was unable to determine definite cause of death. However, when my friend told her about the lawn care applications done the day before, the vet suggested that Molly may have had a severe reaction to the chemicals.

I can cite personal migraine headache examples triggered by oil based paint, carpet replacements, even cleaning products. I know not everyone is as sensitive to chemicals as I am, and that is good news. What worries me is how other people's bodies cope with the presence of the chemicals in the long term. Certainly the news media has been all over the many causes of cancer and Alzheimer's for several years, often blaming the chemical cocktails in our foods and environment.

Now that I am composting our household and yard wastes and eating mostly organic foods, I have a more optimistic attitude toward the future. Also important is our transition to organic yard care. I'll be sharing with you more information on composting and organic lawn care coming up in future posts, so keep reading. I know more of us need to get on this ride. Jump aboard and subscribe to my blog at the top right. Than check out some ways to get started with organic lawn care at your house:

Planet Natural
Safer Pest Control Project
Extremely Green

Here's a pictures of my 2 year old furry fella, Tanner, giving you an example of his jumping expertise. I'm glad he can get out and play in a safe, chemical-free yard.

Check out next week's Woofing Wednesday post for the sign that really does keep your kids and pets safe in the yard--from my organic lawn care company,
Jolly Green Planet.

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