Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Woofing Wednesday Gets Purring

Woofing Wednesday is going in a little different direction today as my cat and rabbit have been left out of the photo ops. They're tougher to catch up with, but here they are: Patches the cat and Robby the Rabbit.

And speaking of left out, I haven't made much mention of my husband. This whole blog thing was actually his idea, although right now he may be wishing he had kept it under his hat. I'm living virtually, or virtually living on the computer...take your pick. Anyway, he called me from out of town today to give me a heads up on an article in USA Today , which turned out to hold a plethora of good stuff, the best of which I'll share here. Click this link to go to a wonderful, interactive visual of how you can save energy and live greener in each area of your home. They did a fabulous job with this and it really drives the point home with the great visuals. I'd love to hear from some of you on how you like this USA Today interactive thing. I'm getting a little geeky in how excited I get about some of this stuff, so keep me on track. Was it as cool as I thought? Leave me a comment, please.

Tomorrow is my Back to School lunch post. If you're into packing lunch for work or for the kids, join me for some ideas on making your lunches greener, healthier, more balanced and easier to pack up. Friday the Labor Day Cookout goes Organic when I'll bring you a traditional array of cookout foods in a healthier form. Hope to see you then.

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