Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tanner and the Green Maven

Tanner in Fabulous Fetching Form

Fascinating information in over the weekend: My theme for Wednesday is called "Woofin" Wednesday because I open with a photo of one of my dogs (or other pets; I know. It's a menagerie here) Now it seems there could be a tie in to my site's focus of organic eating and green living. One of my sons just returned from backpacking Europe and during his travels he met some young ladies who were headed for Canada to do some "woofin". Turns out this is an acronym for Working On an Organic Farm. Amazing the things I'm learning in passing. I wish I could tell you more, but I got few details. Apparently, though, there is an interest in summer internships in WOOFIN for agriculture majors at universities. I guess that makes sense, and it does my heart good to know there are students out there thinking about farming in better, more sustainable ways. I'll see what I can find out and report back later.

Recently, I've been having some fun toddling around Green Maven, a green search engine with much to offer. Click the link and have a look. As I mentioned yesterday, I discovered there that there is such a thing as a composter for dog poop. That may seem an unsavory subject, yet at my house this could be quite useful. I put this on my "To be Investigated List", which is getting quite long.

Thank you to those of you who commented on recent posts. I enjoy hearing from you and hope that in the future you will find time to give me some real feedback. I'd like to get some conversations going here among the readers and see a Forum emerge. We'll make that a long term goal, and I'll need lots of help from you to do it. Take a stab at it; I'll respond.

Join me tomorrow for a mini tour of the blog. I hope to show you around rather like a home tour--peek in the closets and figure out where the water heater is. After reading tomorrow's post you will all be experts in navigating most blogs. I hope you'll drop in for the tour.

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