Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Save Money with Over-Ripe Organic Fruit

Making Fresh Organic Fruit Sorbet

Sometimes when I go to the organic market,my eyes are bigger than our appetites for fruit. Don't get me wrong; we love fruit and eat a fair amount of it. But when I buy too much, it is painful to have it go bad, as much as it costs. Well, I've found the solution. I never ever throw away over-ripe fruit now. I make fresh fruit sorbet with it. Stay with me here. The great thing about it is that you don't have to eat it immediately, and it is loved by children and adults alike. Here's how it works:

  1. Juice your over-ripe fruit, each type individually, and place the juice in containers in the freezer. For bananas, switch from the screen filter to the solid plate, and save the pulp for recipes and baby food. If you like to use bananas for bread or muffins, just throw them in the freezer in their skins, and take them out as needed for baking. They come already wrapped up in nature's biodegradable packaging, and can mash easily when thawed.

  2. When frozen, you can retrieve the container if you need it, simply by removing the juice and wrapping it securely for the freezer. The juice will pop right out of most containers by simply running some water over the bottom of the container. Always be sure to label your frozen juices. They change color as they "age", so you may not recognize them later.

  3. Now you're ready to serve a fabulous, healthy dessert on a special occasion. Collect all the packages of fruit and make a menu list, if you're having a party.

  4. Offer all the flavors and take orders. You can serve each alone, or make mixtures, depending on the amounts of each that you have on hand. You can keep all your frozen juices stored in one large trash bag in order to keep track of the many containers of various frozen juices in your deep freezer.

  5. To make sorbet, slice frozen juice into 4-inch long, carrot-sized pieces and put the frozen juice through the juicer again. If you get orders for blends, such as raspberry-apple, mix appropriate amounts of those fruits ordered and make up bowls according to your orders.

  6. Serve immediately and soak up the compliments, while you pat yourself on the back for serving a tasty, healthy dessert at no extra cost. You used leftovers and it tasted great. Congratulations!

Tomorrow is Woofing Wednesday and, as always, I'll be sharing a couple of pup photos, this time of my wet Golden Retriever, Tanner, who loves tropical storm Fay and the rainy playground outside.

Back to business, I'll be sharing some websites where you can shop for rain barrels to collect and reuse the excess rain that falls from your roof during your rainy season. I have included quite a selection, so join me for some shopping and see how little effort it takes to collect and reuse rain water.

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