Friday, August 8, 2008

Part IV: Organic Math: 1 Hen = 3 Family Meals

Organic Chicken & Rice with Broccoli and Mango Raspberry Fruit Salad

Welcome back to all of you have been following this series on how to make 3 meals with one organic chicken. With budgets getting tighter and organic foods being a bit more expensive, money-saving techniques like this can help your food budget go just a bit farther. So far, we have roasted a hen with yummy vegetables and made homemade organic broth. Just click the links find the recipes. Today we are using half of the leftover chicken from the hen to make chicken and rice. I got 4 cups of chicken, so I am using 2 cups for this recipe, and saving 2 cups for the soup. I have selected broccoli as a vegetable and a simple fruit salad of mango and raspberries. They are a wonderful combination.

My old chicken and rice recipe included garlic, salt, minced carrots, onions and a tiny bit of sugar to inspire the flavors. Today I decided to continue with my time-saving cooking mode of late and use a USDA Organic packaged seasoned rice mix. I am finding my days getting longer and my time for cooking getting shorter since I started this blog, so I'll be exploring ways to reduce the time in the kitchen and still come up with tasty, healthy meals. You can use any chicken and rice recipe that you like, just substitute the broth for the water in the recipe. The flavor will improve tenfold.

This experiment went well. I picked up Rice Select's Organic Texmati Light Brown Rice Mix in Roasted Chicken & Herb flavor at my local Whole Foods Market. The ingredient list sounded similar to my old, more time-consuming recipe, so I took the plunge. It definitely did not taste like our old favorite, but my family all cleaned their plates and liked it, so I consider that a success. I can best describe it as rich in herb flavor--quite tasty and equally as easy. Just add the provided rice and seasoning to 1 1/2 cups of the homemade broth and a tablespoon of butter or oil. After it boils, simmer for 20 minutes, stir in the chicken after warming it up (are you up for using the microwave?) and let sit a few minutes to thicken. It was great, and a nice complement to the broccoli and fruit salad, all of which I found easily in the organic section of my neighborhood grocery store. This enjoyable dinner took only 35 minutes from start to finish; that's my kind of cooking!

I visited the Rice Select's website and found quite a surprising selection of recipes and products. Unfortunately their coupon offerings were "shut down", but I have sent an e-mail requesting that they put some coupons on the site. Let's hope it works.

Monday I'll be making Chicken and vegetable soup. Once again, I am going to test an organic version of a packaged corn muffin mix, rather than from scratch. I'll be your guinea pig and test them, if you like, and you can make the homemade bread. If you have a good recipe, send it to me; I love corn bread and corn muffins.

We like a hearty soup, so I use LOTS of vegetables. My shopping list for this entire 3-meal series is on my post dated August 1, so if you missed it and would like to join in, this is where you will find it: Organic Math: 1 Hen = 3 Family Meals.

Finally, next Tuesday's post will be a Coupon Collection. The last time I did this, the post was quite popular, so I've searched the web again and have another bunch for you to print and save with. If you have any suggestions or questions, please click the purple COMMENT link just below this and leave me a message. Making a comment will put your name in a drawing to be held on September 1 for a free Chicobag cloth shopping bag. Thanks for commenting!
I don't normally post on Saturdays, but this weekend is different. I've been invited to feature an organic recipe on BlakeBakes. This first post will be a recipe for my favorite organic cinnamon raisin swirl bread. This is a special occasion recipe for holidays, company, gifts, etc. If you are a lover of raisin bread, this stuff is definitely for you; it is positively decadant. The recipe will appear on Saturday. Hope you will drop by and see it; just click the raisin bread link above. Have a great weekend.

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