Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Organic Coupons, Coupons, Coupons....and Raisin Bread

Are you drooling over this picture? If you're a raisin bread lover, this is the ultimate. I made it over the weekend for a post on another blog, Blake Bakes, where I have been invited to contribute monthly organic recipes. I guess you could say that I'm the official organic baker for the blog. If you're interested in the recipe, just click the link and you'll be there.

Sample Coupon from Organic Valley Farms

My last coupon post was one of my most popular, so here it comes again. A number of these listings have more than just food, so have some fun, while saving some money. You can do a little good for the economy with that tax rebate you got; go for it!

Stonyfield Farm Organic Yogurt

Organic Valley Farms - Coupons
(also their sister company, Organic Prairie Meats has coupons on this site)

The Organic Wine Company Coupons
Receive 20% off your order of organic wine

Tees for Change 40% off organic cotton tee shirts and jewelry; Their site says "You buy a tee; we plant a tree"

Organic Coupons(Includes MANY national brands like Seventh Generation Household Products)

Savings Coupons for Natural or Organic Foods - ...

How to Find Coupons for Organic Food: CoolSavin...

Organic Food Coupons - SavingAdvice.com Blog

Green Coupons for Just about everything to live green

Hot Coupon World - Threads Tagged with organic

Printable Coupons for Organic Products - Wise B...

Free Organic Coupon Codes Online

If these coupon collections are as useful to you as they have been to me, I could make this a regular post, maybe once a month or more. Give me some input on what you'd like to find savings on and I'll get my "search engines" going. The purple COMMENT link is just under the last line of the post, so PLEASE leave me a comment or two on your thoughts. I would really like to get some dialogue going, but first we need some comments to kick start the conversation. Who's up for the challenge?
What's up next? Tanner, my Golden Retriever, will be heading up the post tomorrow, showing off his jumping prowess. He is quite the pool "fetcher". Following Tanner's photo I'll share a green search engine with you, so you can do some of your own poking around. I really enjoy some of the fascinating things that I come upon. Last week's biggest find was a composter for dog poop. I got a charge out of that, since I have 3 dogs, so I'll have to investigate.
Friday I'm thinking about giving you a little blog primer, a sort of tour of what's typically found on a blog and where. There are some components of this blog that you may not have noticed, and this mini-tour will help you locate some fun things to explore. Mind you, I'm really new at this. I've read a couple of books and just launched Organic Journey Online on July 4, so you'll be patient if I leave out any pertinent details, right?!! Comments, comments, comments!
In case you are wondering, the peanut butter reviews, as well as the great American organic hot dog search are all still in motion. So stay with me to see which products come out on top. Hope to see you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for all those links.
I know we'll be using them! :-)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of peanut butter, I looove Wegmans organic peanut butter. So does B, and he is a PB enthusiast! :-)
We're big on texture and find the almost grainy quality incredibly satisfying!

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