Friday, July 25, 2008

PB & J Challenges Revisited: Friday's Food Post

Hurrah! Thanks to an unnamed source, there is a nice, soft, whole wheat bread available at my local grocery store, Publix, that is made with organic flour. Now, I realize that doesn't qualify it as 100% Organic, but it is a very good start. The bread is called Nature's Own All Natural 100% Whole Wheat Bread. The label touts a stunning 24 grams of whole grain per slice, which translates to 5 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber in each slice. I hope you can find this in your area if you don't have a Publix. Good luck.

As I am sure most of you already know, the FDA requires all ingredients in packaged foods to be listed in the order by volume--largest amounts first, and so on. The first ingredient in this bread is the Organic Whole Wheat Flour. Bread, of course, is mostly flour, which means that this loaf of bread is probably at least 80% Organic, maybe 85%.

The final good news is that it is not preserved with BHA or BHT or the like, so I feel better that these synthetic preservatives are not in there. I suppose this means I should store it in the freezer to keep it nice and soft and fresh, but then that's no problem. It takes, what, 10 minutes for a slice of bread to thaw out on the counter. No problem! Hope this is good news for you also.

I'm still hoping to hear from someone who has found a softer peanut butter that will spread without tearing the bread. Anybody?
Don't forget to check in on next Friday (8/01/08) when I will be describing how I make one Organic hen serve a family of 5 for 3 dinners. It isn't magic, and your whole family will like this. Recipes will be included, so turn on those printers and have your hen ready.
Also, on Miscellaneous Monday I'll take a stab at being a "techie" and help you subscribe to my blog in a "reader". This is way cool. You'll get the title and first few lines of the newest posts sent to your "reader", sort of like e-mail commercials. You can either click to read, or delete them if they're not your thing. You'll love it, and it is sooo easy. Join me Monday, August 28 for this helpful post. Have a great weekend.

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