Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Find Good Food:

Since this is "Woofing Wednesday" I have to deliver on my promise to post a photo of one of my pups. I have a very active trio! This little fella, Oliver, is a 9-month-old Papillon who, like his retriever housemates, loves to bike with me. Papillon means butterfly in French, because their ears look like butterflies when they mature. Oliver is just about full grown and weighs a whopping 8.5 pounds. You can see another picture of him at the bottom of the site. He is peeking out of Toni's handbag, where he often travels when out and about with his best girl. Now for the serious business of the day:

The title above is the subtitle of today's helpful reference website, the Eat Well Guide. I've added their search widget to the sidebar for you to quickly look up organic resources in your area. Its easy:

  • Just type in your zip code and hit the search button.

  • The search results will either show up on your browser OR, a share this tab will appear in your browser; click it to view the findings of your search.

  • Another option offered is to send the site info to your e-mail or to friends' e-mails. Just click the envelope below the widget box.

  • Fill in the drop down menu and it will take care of the e-mails for you.

The information I got was so helpful, that I found myself looking up resources for others. It was fun seeing what kinds of stores are in different areas that I am familiar with. The search will list links for:

  • organic stores

  • farmers' markets

  • education centers

  • restaurants

  • caterers

In addition, there are further information options below these results for recipes, articles, a notebook for savings things, and a blog. Check it out and share it with your friends and family who might be interested in knowing what's near them. Have fun and thanks for reading. Please leave a comment below this post. Just click the purple "Comment" link and it will only take a minute. Hope to see you Thursday for my Green Tip Toe: Things you can do in 10 minutes to live more green.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the milk paint suggestion for my picnic table. Charlie doesn't chew, but it is something I'll still definitely look into.
Your little dog is so cute! He weighs 1.5 lb more than Charlie. :-)
Oliver is a name we have picked for a boy (should we ever have one). :-)

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