Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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I am happy to say that in the past week, I finally let the cat out of the bag about my new blog. Your e-mails have come pouring in and I am so thrilled to hear your comments. There is such an abundance of interest in living green and eating organic, that I found it quite heart-warming to have so many soul mates out there. Now, I know you won't all have time to read every post I put up (daily, Monday-Friday), but I do want to make it easier for you to read those you are most interested in. Yesterday's post described how to easily get a subscription for Organic Journey Online to come straight to your e-mailbox. You'll get the title and the first few lines, sort of like a commercial. Then, if you want to read the rest, you just click and it pops up. It is really that easy.

Moving on from subscriptions, let's talk about all your comments. I LOVE HEARING FROM YOU ALL. In order to help my blog readership grow, I'd like to redirect your comments to the blog. Once again, it is very easy. At the bottom of each post, there is a purple COMMENT link. Just click and type your comment in the box. It will automatically be posted on the blog AND be sent to my e-mail. Getting some comments on my blog will help it immensely, so thanks for all the help you can give me on comments. And more importantly, thanks for joining the journey.

I don't want you to go away from this post saying " Where is the green and organic information I was expecting to see", so I'll offer a simple primer for buying organic fruits and vegetables. All organic produce sold by the piece is required to be labeled as such. The labels identify the type of produce with the following codes:
  • Organic produce stickers have 5 digits, starting with a 9
  • Genetically Modified produce (GMO) also has a 5 digit number, starting with 8 (we'll talk more about GMO at a later date, but suffice it to say, there are convincing reasons to avoid this produce)
  • Conventionally grown produce has a 4 digit number and does not mention the word Organic on the sticker, nor does it tell you that the produce was grown with chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Buyer beware.

Although you will often notice a difference in the price, please keep in mind the investment you are making is in your health. In upcoming posts I will try to give you more of the background and reasoning for making this investment. For now, I hope you 'll at least give it a try. To wrap it up, check out this link, the Organic Center, where you will learn which of the fruits and vegetables are most important to buy organic. Scroll down to page 2 to find a colorful visual guide to the fruits and vegetables which are most at risk of contamination by pesticides and other chemicals harmful to your health. This non-profit organization also offers a free newsletter here. Just click on News & Media and then select Newsletter.

Finally, they offer a wonderful introduction to the hazards of pesticides in our foods on a Youtube video entitled, Serious Science, Serious Benefits. Watch it for your kids!

Please join me tomorrow on Woofing Wednesday (can you tell I'm a dog lover?!) for another pup pix and a motivating post on using cloth grocery bags, and Thursday's Green Tip Toe, when I will offer a few simple ways to save water. See you then.

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