Sunday, November 17, 2013

Zuke's Dog Treat Review

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by Toni Boyko 
15 Bags of Zuke's
to Each Twitter Party Winner
At we love all things natural. That's why we choose Zuke's dog treats. This company was founded on the basic premise that dogs need snacks to power up for high activity outings, and these snacks should be made without fillers, artificial preservatives or common allergens.

Made without wheat, corn or soy, Zuke's treats are much less likely to cause allergic issues in your dog. Further, they are made right here in the U.S. where we watch our quality control better than the treats made in China. This is clear from all the recent recalls which scare us to death. Why purchase anything edible made outside of the U.S.?

Zuke's has endeavored to go about the business of making healthy treats while also encouraging a green lifestyle among its employees. Check out this infographic that explains some of their cultural efforts:
Zukes Goes Green photo zukes-going-greenWEB_zpsf8be2bd8.jpg

Today we're highlighting the 4 Zuke's product lines that are being featured in the upcoming #FueltheLove #BarkFriday Twitter Party, hosted by Event Barkers. You can RSVP to join the fun by clicking the link. Here are the products you'll be seeing in the prizes at this event:
  • All 6 Mini Naturals flavors to include Peanut Butter, Salmon, Rabbit, Duck, Chicken and Pork. These tiny, low-calorie treats are soft and perfect for training.
  • Each of the Z-Filet flavors: Grilled Venison, Chicken and Beef are loved by dogs all over.
  • The 3 Hip Action flavors: Peanut Butter and Roasted Chicken and Beef. With 300 mg of Glucosamine and 50 mg of Chondroitin, you'll be helping to protect your dog's joints from issues as he ages.
  • And finally, the 3 newest members of Zuke's line, the Skinny Bakes Crunchy treats in Pumpkin 'N Sweet Potato, Cherry 'N Berry and Peanut Butter 'N Banana. If your dog enjoys a crunchy treat, these low-cal treats are perfect. We also like that they include a score so that you can easily break them in half to use while training.
One more important feature of the Zuke's treats is the whole food goodness they build in by using lots of delicious ingredients that add anti-oxidants for healthy snacking. You can learn more about their nutritious recipes by watching this compelling short video.

To make sure you're eligible to win and have not missed any opportunities, don't forget to visit these Internet sites to enter for your chance to grab 15 bags of Zuke's:
  • RSVP for one prize package drawing
  • PreTweet these one-click messages to be included in the PreTweet drawing
  • Enter the Social Media giveaway at the widget here for multiple options of entry, and up your chances of winning.
  • You'll find a variety of additional giveaways (can you believe it?!!!) at the Zuke's #FueltheLove Blog Hop, also hosted by Event Barkers. Enjoy this mini-mall of terrific giveaways, educational videos about Zuke's and fascinating information on their culture, charity efforts and ingredients.
  • Finally, don't forget to mark your calendar and join us for the Twitter Party after your early morning Black Friday shopping spree. Grab your laptop and your pup to snuggle up for the fun: Friday, November 29, 12 PM ET.
Important Note to Twitter Party Participants: This party will use two hashtags. Please use #BarkFriday #FueltheLove to follow all the fun!

Event Barkers is working with Zuke's to help them gain online exposure and share the news of their new products. These Event Barkers events are hosted by and

Note that due to shipping regulations, the prizes in these events are only available to U.S. addresses. Thank you for your understanding.

Zuke's Giveaway Shares Whole Food Goodness

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You've found it! This is the Blog Hop that will bring you up to speed on this fab dog treat company, while giving you an opportunity to win big. With the help of Zuke's and their terrific variety of treats for dogs, we're bringing you an assortment of bloggers' views on various aspects of the company. What's more, there are giveaways peppered in here also. You can read out review and enjoy this post, which is a giveaway also :)

With the #FueltheLove #BarkFriday Twitter Party coming up soon, our goal is to tease you with some of the interesting facts about Zuke's, their products, culture and mission.  What? You haven't yet RSVP'd for the Twitter Party? Hurry on over to the link above and get your Twitter handle on the list. That's your first entry to win an array of 15 bags of Zuke's. That's more than $100 in dog treats that your Fido is sure to salivate over!

Now you'll want to use the giveaway widget below to join in the group giveaway we're doing with this group of blogs. Winners will enjoy that same selection of 15 bags that includes:
  • 6 bags of Mini Naturals in all of their flavors
  • 3 bags of Hip Action treats in each flavor available
  • 3 bags of their newest treats, Skinny Bakes
  • and finally 3 bags of Z-filets, a good replacement for other jerky treats that may be made in China. Toss those out pronto!
All of Zuke's products are made right here in the good ole USA. That's important to assure you that quality control in in place. Read my review of Zuke's treats here, and you'll learn more about why they should be your go to choice for Fido's snack time.

When you're ready to enter the giveaway below, the Giveaway Tools widget may be napping. You can wake it up by clicking on the post title to refresh the page. The widget will perk up and be ready to accept your entries. Enjoy and good luck!

Event Barkers, a partnership of and, is working with Zuke's to help them gain online exposure and share the news of their new products.
Note that due to shipping regulations, the prizes in this event are only available to U.S. addresses. Thank you for your understanding. For a complete list of the Event Barkers rules of participation, please visit our website at

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

RSVP for the Swheat Scoop #LitterChat Twitter Party

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Organic Journey Online is all about natural, and pets are at the center of our lives. We're joining the Event Barkers team--All Things Dog Blog and CatTipper--to help with a Twitter Party for Swheat Scoop. It's called #LitterChat. We'll be sharing litterbox tips, information on this terrific Eco-friendly litter, and have a guest expert available to answer your questions about your Meow and her litterbox issues.

Join us on July 16th at 8 PM ET for an hour of Twitter fun and friends. RSVP for our event and you'll be registered to win a nice prize packages that will each include Swheat Scoop litter. Swheat Scoop is bringing in all sorts of great stuff for our cat loving community. Prize winners will take home fab prizes like a scratching tower from Imperial Cat, elite litter boxes from makers such as Modco and PetSafe, litterbox accessory organizers by the Petlinks System, and even some toys for Meow's fun. On top of all this, our Grand Prize winner will snag an entire year of Swheat Scoop litter to make sure Meow always has a clean box.
courtesy Swheat Scoop
Swheat Scoop Available in 3 Formulas
You can take advantage of the three pre-party prizes as well. One winner will be chosen from today's RSVP list, drawn on the morning of July 16. Be sure to go ahead over and sign up now, marking your calendar so you don't miss this opportunity.

The winner of our RSVP prize will receive a 14 lb. bag of Swheat Scoop litter, an Imperial Cat Scooper and 2 cat toys to entertain Meow. This prize is a $40 value, and note that our Grand Prize is worth $200. You really don't want to miss this party or the pre-party entry options. Read on.

To join in the other two pre-event prize opportunities, visit All Things Dog Blog both Tuesday afternoon--for the opening of the PreTweet festivities--and on Thursday afternoon when we unveil the Rafflecopter drawing. The prizes for each will be revealed in the announcements, and are guaranteed to be increasingly more exciting as we move toward the party date.

To learn more about this green kitty litter, watch for posts at All Things Dog Blog detailing the many Eco benefits of this litter. We'll even be teaching you how to use it in your composting. Join us!

You can also learn more about Swheat Scoop here:

Finally, if you're new to Twitter Parties, I've shared some tips posts on my left sidebar at All Things Dog Blog under the heading: Twitter 101. I'll be happy to answer any additional questions. Feel free to leave your questions in the comments section. Enjoy the journey and be sure to share the news with your friends on Twitter with this one-click Tweet: 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Win Wholefood Dog Treats by Zukes

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© EventBarkers
10 Prize Packages for our Winners
Plus Extra Goodies in the Grand Prize
The Event Barkers #WorkLikeaDog Twitter Party, run jointly by and, is up and running with pre-party giveaways. Photo submissions via the Rafflecopter, PreTweeting and the RSVP sign up are all buzzing right along. 

I'm here to share these terrific dog treats with you because they are all natural and made with wholefood nutrients for your dog's good health. This is the ultimate line of great stuff to treat your dog with, whether you're running a marathon or just doing some training at home.
© Paris Permenter
Easy-to-Recognize Supers 

With no meat ingredients, they're perfect for dogs that have allergies to animal proteins, yet they are also very low in gluten. These fun treats are super because they are a powerhouse full of wholefood antioxidants--vegetables, fruits and berries. Supers provide the extra charge your high energy dog needs for his lifestyle.

Hip Action

You probably guessed that this treat is more like a supplement. It's made for our extremely active, large or older dogs, and includes great nutrients to help maintain hip and joint function. In addition to the glucosamine and chondroitin many of us are familiar with, Zuke's has added eggshell membrane, an up-and-coming new joint super food, to their Hip Action treats.

© Paris Permenter
Power Bones Chewy Treats
Power Bones

Power Bones were the first treat created by Zuke's back in 1995. Made with high quality protein, Power Bones include fast-burning carbs for quick energy, perfect for your canine athlete or running partner. Think Power Bar for dogs in chicken, beef or peanut butter flavor.

Mini Naturals

Last, but definitely not least, our winners will enjoy these ideally-sized training treats--Mini Naturals--reviewed here by me just recently in my 3-part series on puppy house training:
Mini Naturals are Perfect for Training

Whether you're just getting started with crate training or working on a Clean Run at agility, Mini Naturals have the aroma to motivate any behavior you're working on. The plus is that Mini Naturals only have 3 1/2 calories, so you're not as likely to put pounds on your pup while offering frequent rewards.

Watch for more details on the Grand Prize package which will always have extra oomph at Event Barkers parties. You'll want to assure that your Twitter handle is properly posted to the RSVP list so that we can find you if you've won a prize.

In addition to RSVPing, you can enter to win other pre-party prizes by PreTweeting and jumping on our Rafflecopter entries at the links above. Meanwhile, watch our Facebook page as well as Zuke's for announcements, photos and other fun. We've got a parade of working dogs showing off their stuff:

Event Barkers on Facebook 
Zuke's on Facebook

We'll be sharing more about the prizes as we move toward party day, June 11. Event Barkers will take up the torch during the event to describe and award each prize. Every winner will get 8 bags of treats, plus all the goodies you see in the photo above. We're even tossing in a business tie for your dog to look great for his big day at the office. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Zukes Dog Treats Review + Giveaway

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© Paris Permenter
Irie and Tiki Love Zukes
The Event Barkers gang is at it again. We're working with an all-natural treat line that is favored by Fidos all across the country. Irie and Tiki, the dogs, are here to share the news.

Over at All Things Dog Blog, we're opening with a series on puppy training, using the Zukes Mini Naturals as the perfect training treat to both encourage and reward good behavior. This is an excellent route to getting your little pup or even your older rescue to mold his manners in the right direction. Check out our training tips at these posts:
We hope you'll enjoy the tips for training your pup, and join in the giveaway as well. Four winners will receive 4 bags each of Zuke's Mini Naturals. The assortment of flavors include Peanut Butter, Chicken, Salmon and Rabbit. Wowzer!


Want to learn more about Zukes? Check them out on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to watch for news of our Twitter Party for them, coming soon. 

Entries in the giveaway below will be accepted through Thursday, May 16. Winners will be announced at All Things Dog Blog on Friday evening, May 17. To use the Rafflecopter entry form, simply click on the post title above and you'll see the form appear at the bottom of this blog post. There will be a number of different ways that you can enter. Choose those that appeal to you and use only those that you wish to. Remember to keep it fun :)

Good luck in the giveway!

Organic-Journey-Online is working with Zukes to increase their online presence.

Friday, January 18, 2013

ATTN Dog Lovers:
#SuperDogPics Twitter Party

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These RSVP Prizes and More
 Go to One Lucky Winner
My dog loving side is totally out of the closet. Having kicked into running Twitter Parties with, I'm having a blast running these fast-paced, fun-filled events. #SuperDogPics is a Twitter Party designed to help would-be Super Dog Sunday™ charity photo contest entrants get ideas for their photo entries.

This photo contest will begin shortly after the Twitter Party on Sunday evening, January 20, 2013. Photo entries are to be football-themed and this party will assist with ideas and options for theming your pictures. We'll have the publisher of Life+Dog magazine with us to answer your photography questions, and we'll be running other photo tips throughout the party. Just for fun, we'll also have a live pet illustration going on by @CartoonYourPets. It's destined to be a terrific event.

Woud you prefer to get involved in the charity or rescue side of this? No problem. You can enter photos of Petfinder shelter animals in our photo contest, as many as you wish. Not only will this make you eligible for great prizes at the photo contest, but you'll also be doing a good deed--trying to help shelter animals find a forever home. 

Check out my Twitter Party Tips here and you may also want to read up on the other ways you can win prizes in these two events here.  Watch All Things Dog Blog for more on how to enter Petfinder pets, coming next week.

Just by adding your Twitter handle to the sign up list below, you'll be entered to win our RSVP Prize which will include the products above and more. After that the party will have great prize packages announced every 10 minutes from 4 PM through 5:30 PM ET on Sunday. Don't miss it!

Now for the instructions; RSVP below by following the guide I've created, and be sure to use the hashtag #SuperDogPics when you Tweet. If you're unsure about your RSVP, please include an email address so we can reach you to clarify your registration. In order to win prizes at #SuperDogPics, you'll need to RSVP. What's more, there will be a prize just for one of the lucky Tweeps on the RSVP list, so don't be left out :)

Follow this RSVP Guide:

Below the numbered list at the bottom is a blue link that says "Click here to enter". Click this and follow these instructions, using the image above as a guide. In the field that says "Link Title or Blog Title" just enter your Twitter handle.  Notice I entered @EventBarkers. In the second field that says "Link" you'll enter the link to your Twitter account. It will look like this: "". 

You can leave your email address and name in the next two fields, if you wish. This will help us reach you if your Twitter handle is listed wrong and you win a prize. We'll need to get in touch! Now click "Enter your link" and that's it. You have completed your RSVP. See you on January 20 prior to the 4 PM ET party opening.

Social Media Info for Hosts, Sponsors, Guest Experts and Prize Providers: Feel free to give them a shout out!

@TobyandMax's Website and Facebook page
@ThingsYourDog's Website and Facebook page
@ILoveMyK10's Website and Facebook page
@LifeandDog's Website and Facebook page
@CartoonYourPets Website and Facebook page
GypsyEyesClothing's Website and Facebook page
@EventBarkers Website and Facebook page
and let's not forget our beneficiary, @Petfinder_Fnd!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Charity Pet Photo Contest to Benefit Petfinder Foundation

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by Carrie Boyko
courtesy S.G.
Deck Out a Petfinder Adoptable Pet
 to Help Promote Adoption
Super Dog Sunday™ is a football-themed pet photo contest that benefits Petfinder Foundation and the work they do with rescues. You can join in to win great prizes from our sponsors while helping to promote adoption and rescue.

To assist you with creating your photos, we'll be running a Twitter Party, #SuperDogPics, January 20 from 4-5:30 PM ET. We'll offer professional photo tips by @LifeandDog, a live artist illustration by @CartoonYourPets, easy ways to create photo entries and plenty of prizes for participants and much more. Read more at the links, and get started winning now by RTing the Tweets below to enter you in our PreTweet prize contests valued at $150 or more. See you at the kick off!

For more chances to win, stop by All Things Dog Blog's PreTweets and also you'll find some over at 5 Minutes for Fido. Then there's DogTipper and CatTipper; PreTweet the night away!

Here's the starting lineup of Sponsors, Prize Providers, Guest Experts and Hosts for both events. Drop by and give them all a chest bump, or maybe just a quick follow!


@ILoveMyK10@ThingsYourDog@TobyandMax@CartoonYourPets@LifeandDog@EventBarkers@AllThingsDog@Dogtipper@5MinutesforFido@Cattipper@Learnin2BGreen@MyPetAllergies@ParisandJohn, and special sponsor Gypsy Eyes Clothing who will be providing fleece hoodies for a few winners.

Super Dog Sunday™:

@ArenusPet@EventBarkers@LuvandEmma@NaturesLogic@TobyandMax@AllThingsDog@Dogtipper, @5MinutesforFido, @Cattipper, @Learnin2BGreen, @MyPetAllergies, @ParisandJohn, and special sponsor Gypsy Eyes Clothing who will be providing fleece hoodies for a few winners.

See you at kick off!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Frozen Goodies for Lonely #BarktoSchool Days

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Nature's Logic Frozen Treats
Keep Dogs Busy While Mom Preps #BarktoSchool
School has not started yet and the weather is still warm all over the country. One of the healthiest ways to keep your pup busy when you've got a pressing task, or are off to school or work, is to leave them with a frozen goody to nibble on. We often refer to these as Busy Bones.

Choose your "container" carefully, such as a Kong or SafeMade Pet Biggie Bone shown here. Fill the void with canned Nature's Logic food and freeze. Once frozen this new treat will provide a long and satisfying period of enjoyment.

Even if you have no safe chew toys you can turn Nature's Logic food into meatballs as I have done in the container at left. While these will go a bit faster because the dogs don't have to dig for the goods, they're still a slow snack that is healthy, cool and fun to eat.

Tanner, Oliver and I are busily preparing for #BarktoSchool, a Twitter Party hosted through our Event Barkers partnership with Paris of This fast-paced event will keep you on the edge of your seat, learning more about pet nutrition, dog training and getting to know co-sponsor Peggy Frezon and her books and blog.

Join us Sunday evening at 8 PM ET with sponsors Walk in Sync, Peggy Frezon and Nature's Logic to win prizes valued at a total of $1080! Our grand prize alone is worth $276. Yowzers!

Need tips for joining in a Twitter Party? You got it:
  • You must RSVP to win. Visit this link to sign up for the event.
  • Don't care about the prizes? No worries. Anyone can join in the fun by Tweeting with the hashtag #BarktoSchool.
  • Follow the party hosts and sponsors to make sure you're able to win prizes.
  • Show up a bit early and check in by saying hello to the sponsors and hosts, using the #BarktoSchool hashtag. Once we know you're present, you'll be eligible to win great prizes, given away every 10 minutes for the full length of the party--through 9:30 PM ET.
  • Be prepared to man your refresh button energetically as the party will proceed very swiftly and it often takes extra effort to keep your browser up with the party.
  • Join in the chat using the hashtag #BarktoSchool in each Tweet.
  • If you do win a prize, be sure to watch for a DM (direct message) via Twitter, in which you'll be asked for shipping information and possible size or color decisions. We may want to know your pet's sex and weight for other inclusions in your package.
Sounds like fun, right? It is! Don't miss it. The prizes begin at the shotgun start, promptly at 8 PM ET. See you then!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dog Walking Success
by Walk in Sync™

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Jacque Says Thanks
 for a Great Walk!

No More Pulling for Jacque!
 Meet Jacque. He's my mother's Papillon, a rescue from a seriously ill lady who had to give him up. Jacque is a delightfully sweet and fun dog. He's playful, friendly, and full of energy. Especially on walks with my mom, who is challenged by his excessive energy.

Thanks to Alecia Evans, the owner and inventor of the Walk in Sync system, Jacque is now able to walk along side my mother and not drag her down the street. Hurray!

We're here today to share some of Alecia's Holistic tips for pup owners as well as a video from her website, that shows off just how easy it is to Walk in Sync with your dog.

  • Got fleas, ticks or lice? Try Cedar Oil. Works in seconds and stops the itching.
  • Arthritis got your pet down? Add canned food theo their diet and watch them change in a week.  It's summer, make sure your dog stays cool and has plenty of access to fresh water. Check out this clip.
  • Don't choke the pup, train them humanely with Walk in Sync.
  • Is your dog's gait off? Try an animal chiropractor for help.
  • Dealing with pet bacteria or virus? Try Molecula Silver pets page.
  • Want to communicate with your dog? Check this out: All Beings Equal
  • Scrapes, cuts, rashes, hot spots. Try Vetricyn. It works great!
  • Have you seen Fiona's video? Check out: www.
  • Keep your dog's teeth tartar free: Pour Silver into a small spray bottle and spray direct on teeth 2 x daily. Visit the Ultra Nano Health Solutions Pets Page.
  • Is your dog's coat dry, eyes dull, lacking energy? Add in a can of wet food a day and watch your dog change before your eyes.
  • Dog or pup got a sour stomach? Try Boiron homeopathics. They work great and are all natural.
Now enjoy this 1 minute video example of how easy the Walk in Sync system really is:
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