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Zuke's Dog Treat Review

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by Toni Boyko 
15 Bags of Zuke's
to Each Twitter Party Winner
At we love all things natural. That's why we choose Zuke's dog treats. This company was founded on the basic premise that dogs need snacks to power up for high activity outings, and these snacks should be made without fillers, artificial preservatives or common allergens.

Made without wheat, corn or soy, Zuke's treats are much less likely to cause allergic issues in your dog. Further, they are made right here in the U.S. where we watch our quality control better than the treats made in China. This is clear from all the recent recalls which scare us to death. Why purchase anything edible made outside of the U.S.?

Zuke's has endeavored to go about the business of making healthy treats while also encouraging a green lifestyle among its employees. Check out this infographic that explains some of their cultural efforts:
Zukes Goes Green photo zukes-going-greenWEB_zpsf8be2bd8.jpg

Today we're highlighting the 4 Zuke's product lines that are being featured in the upcoming #FueltheLove #BarkFriday Twitter Party, hosted by Event Barkers. You can RSVP to join the fun by clicking the link. Here are the products you'll be seeing in the prizes at this event:
  • All 6 Mini Naturals flavors to include Peanut Butter, Salmon, Rabbit, Duck, Chicken and Pork. These tiny, low-calorie treats are soft and perfect for training.
  • Each of the Z-Filet flavors: Grilled Venison, Chicken and Beef are loved by dogs all over.
  • The 3 Hip Action flavors: Peanut Butter and Roasted Chicken and Beef. With 300 mg of Glucosamine and 50 mg of Chondroitin, you'll be helping to protect your dog's joints from issues as he ages.
  • And finally, the 3 newest members of Zuke's line, the Skinny Bakes Crunchy treats in Pumpkin 'N Sweet Potato, Cherry 'N Berry and Peanut Butter 'N Banana. If your dog enjoys a crunchy treat, these low-cal treats are perfect. We also like that they include a score so that you can easily break them in half to use while training.
One more important feature of the Zuke's treats is the whole food goodness they build in by using lots of delicious ingredients that add anti-oxidants for healthy snacking. You can learn more about their nutritious recipes by watching this compelling short video.

To make sure you're eligible to win and have not missed any opportunities, don't forget to visit these Internet sites to enter for your chance to grab 15 bags of Zuke's:
  • RSVP for one prize package drawing
  • PreTweet these one-click messages to be included in the PreTweet drawing
  • Enter the Social Media giveaway at the widget here for multiple options of entry, and up your chances of winning.
  • You'll find a variety of additional giveaways (can you believe it?!!!) at the Zuke's #FueltheLove Blog Hop, also hosted by Event Barkers. Enjoy this mini-mall of terrific giveaways, educational videos about Zuke's and fascinating information on their culture, charity efforts and ingredients.
  • Finally, don't forget to mark your calendar and join us for the Twitter Party after your early morning Black Friday shopping spree. Grab your laptop and your pup to snuggle up for the fun: Friday, November 29, 12 PM ET.
Important Note to Twitter Party Participants: This party will use two hashtags. Please use #BarkFriday #FueltheLove to follow all the fun!

Event Barkers is working with Zuke's to help them gain online exposure and share the news of their new products. These Event Barkers events are hosted by and

Note that due to shipping regulations, the prizes in these events are only available to U.S. addresses. Thank you for your understanding.

Zuke's Giveaway Shares Whole Food Goodness

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You've found it! This is the Blog Hop that will bring you up to speed on this fab dog treat company, while giving you an opportunity to win big. With the help of Zuke's and their terrific variety of treats for dogs, we're bringing you an assortment of bloggers' views on various aspects of the company. What's more, there are giveaways peppered in here also. You can read out review and enjoy this post, which is a giveaway also :)

With the #FueltheLove #BarkFriday Twitter Party coming up soon, our goal is to tease you with some of the interesting facts about Zuke's, their products, culture and mission.  What? You haven't yet RSVP'd for the Twitter Party? Hurry on over to the link above and get your Twitter handle on the list. That's your first entry to win an array of 15 bags of Zuke's. That's more than $100 in dog treats that your Fido is sure to salivate over!

Now you'll want to use the giveaway widget below to join in the group giveaway we're doing with this group of blogs. Winners will enjoy that same selection of 15 bags that includes:
  • 6 bags of Mini Naturals in all of their flavors
  • 3 bags of Hip Action treats in each flavor available
  • 3 bags of their newest treats, Skinny Bakes
  • and finally 3 bags of Z-filets, a good replacement for other jerky treats that may be made in China. Toss those out pronto!
All of Zuke's products are made right here in the good ole USA. That's important to assure you that quality control in in place. Read my review of Zuke's treats here, and you'll learn more about why they should be your go to choice for Fido's snack time.

When you're ready to enter the giveaway below, the Giveaway Tools widget may be napping. You can wake it up by clicking on the post title to refresh the page. The widget will perk up and be ready to accept your entries. Enjoy and good luck!

Event Barkers, a partnership of and, is working with Zuke's to help them gain online exposure and share the news of their new products.
Note that due to shipping regulations, the prizes in this event are only available to U.S. addresses. Thank you for your understanding. For a complete list of the Event Barkers rules of participation, please visit our website at

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