Tuesday, June 25, 2013

RSVP for the Swheat Scoop #LitterChat Twitter Party

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Organic Journey Online is all about natural, and pets are at the center of our lives. We're joining the Event Barkers team--All Things Dog Blog and CatTipper--to help with a Twitter Party for Swheat Scoop. It's called #LitterChat. We'll be sharing litterbox tips, information on this terrific Eco-friendly litter, and have a guest expert available to answer your questions about your Meow and her litterbox issues.

Join us on July 16th at 8 PM ET for an hour of Twitter fun and friends. RSVP for our event and you'll be registered to win a nice prize packages that will each include Swheat Scoop litter. Swheat Scoop is bringing in all sorts of great stuff for our cat loving community. Prize winners will take home fab prizes like a scratching tower from Imperial Cat, elite litter boxes from makers such as Modco and PetSafe, litterbox accessory organizers by the Petlinks System, and even some toys for Meow's fun. On top of all this, our Grand Prize winner will snag an entire year of Swheat Scoop litter to make sure Meow always has a clean box.
courtesy Swheat Scoop
Swheat Scoop Available in 3 Formulas
You can take advantage of the three pre-party prizes as well. One winner will be chosen from today's RSVP list, drawn on the morning of July 16. Be sure to go ahead over and sign up now, marking your calendar so you don't miss this opportunity.

The winner of our RSVP prize will receive a 14 lb. bag of Swheat Scoop litter, an Imperial Cat Scooper and 2 cat toys to entertain Meow. This prize is a $40 value, and note that our Grand Prize is worth $200. You really don't want to miss this party or the pre-party entry options. Read on.

To join in the other two pre-event prize opportunities, visit All Things Dog Blog both Tuesday afternoon--for the opening of the PreTweet festivities--and on Thursday afternoon when we unveil the Rafflecopter drawing. The prizes for each will be revealed in the announcements, and are guaranteed to be increasingly more exciting as we move toward the party date.

To learn more about this green kitty litter, watch for posts at All Things Dog Blog detailing the many Eco benefits of this litter. We'll even be teaching you how to use it in your composting. Join us!

You can also learn more about Swheat Scoop here:

Finally, if you're new to Twitter Parties, I've shared some tips posts on my left sidebar at All Things Dog Blog under the heading: Twitter 101. I'll be happy to answer any additional questions. Feel free to leave your questions in the comments section. Enjoy the journey and be sure to share the news with your friends on Twitter with this one-click Tweet: 

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