Friday, January 18, 2013

ATTN Dog Lovers:
#SuperDogPics Twitter Party

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My dog loving side is totally out of the closet. Having kicked into running Twitter Parties with, I'm having a blast running these fast-paced, fun-filled events. #SuperDogPics is a Twitter Party designed to help would-be Super Dog Sunday™ charity photo contest entrants get ideas for their photo entries.

This photo contest will begin shortly after the Twitter Party on Sunday evening, January 20, 2013. Photo entries are to be football-themed and this party will assist with ideas and options for theming your pictures. We'll have the publisher of Life+Dog magazine with us to answer your photography questions, and we'll be running other photo tips throughout the party. Just for fun, we'll also have a live pet illustration going on by @CartoonYourPets. It's destined to be a terrific event.

Woud you prefer to get involved in the charity or rescue side of this? No problem. You can enter photos of Petfinder shelter animals in our photo contest, as many as you wish. Not only will this make you eligible for great prizes at the photo contest, but you'll also be doing a good deed--trying to help shelter animals find a forever home. 

Check out my Twitter Party Tips here and you may also want to read up on the other ways you can win prizes in these two events here.  Watch All Things Dog Blog for more on how to enter Petfinder pets, coming next week.

Just by adding your Twitter handle to the sign up list below, you'll be entered to win our RSVP Prize which will include the products above and more. After that the party will have great prize packages announced every 10 minutes from 4 PM through 5:30 PM ET on Sunday. Don't miss it!

Now for the instructions; RSVP below by following the guide I've created, and be sure to use the hashtag #SuperDogPics when you Tweet. If you're unsure about your RSVP, please include an email address so we can reach you to clarify your registration. In order to win prizes at #SuperDogPics, you'll need to RSVP. What's more, there will be a prize just for one of the lucky Tweeps on the RSVP list, so don't be left out :)

Follow this RSVP Guide:

Below the numbered list at the bottom is a blue link that says "Click here to enter". Click this and follow these instructions, using the image above as a guide. In the field that says "Link Title or Blog Title" just enter your Twitter handle.  Notice I entered @EventBarkers. In the second field that says "Link" you'll enter the link to your Twitter account. It will look like this: "". 

You can leave your email address and name in the next two fields, if you wish. This will help us reach you if your Twitter handle is listed wrong and you win a prize. We'll need to get in touch! Now click "Enter your link" and that's it. You have completed your RSVP. See you on January 20 prior to the 4 PM ET party opening.

Social Media Info for Hosts, Sponsors, Guest Experts and Prize Providers: Feel free to give them a shout out!

@TobyandMax's Website and Facebook page
@ThingsYourDog's Website and Facebook page
@ILoveMyK10's Website and Facebook page
@LifeandDog's Website and Facebook page
@CartoonYourPets Website and Facebook page
GypsyEyesClothing's Website and Facebook page
@EventBarkers Website and Facebook page
and let's not forget our beneficiary, @Petfinder_Fnd!

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