Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Natural Pet Food by Nature's Logic

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Checking out a natural pet food is an incredibly scary task. When Nature's Logic approached me and my Event Barkers partner about sponsoring a Twitter Party I soon found I had learned a great deal more about their product than I expected. The biggest feature--the one that I found most enthralling--ends up to be the sources of their vitamins, minerals and amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

Reading a pet food label is tricky business. The rules are not natural as many of the pet industry's activities are not as well monitored by government as we may have thought. Think again. Here's one example: Disclaimers such as “made with added vitamins & minerals” on all-natural products allows a manufacturer to add synthetic vitamins and minerals & still claim it is natural. When you continue down the list of ingredients you'll get to the supplements that are added to bring the chow into compliance with AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) guidelines. Surprisingly, these don't have to be "all-natural", even if the bag is labeled as such.

We've learned that Nature's Logic is one brand that believes in sourcing their supplements from whole foods--truly natural sources--not synthetic ingredients that you find in most pet foods.

Nature's Logic has another pin in its cap that I find quite compelling. They've never ever had a recall. These days that's nothing short of miraculous. It's also very comforting to know you're feeding your pet an American made food that is one of only 6 brands to divulge every single ingredient in their entire package by taking the pet food pledge at Truth About Pet Food. You can read more about the pledge here. will be joining other pet blogs and Twitterers for an Event Barkers Twitter Party, sharing more information like that I've included above. Follow the link to RSVP for the party, so you'll be eligible to win great prizes, while you're learning helpful tips along the way. Won't you join us to learn more about your pet's dinner? We'll be handing out over a $1000 in prizes to include Nature's Logic pet food, Walk in Sync's Get-a-Grip leashes and a walking system that includes training videos and a 30 minute consultation with the owner/inventor, as well as books and other fun items from our additional sponsors, Peggy Frezon and Event Barkers. Click the badge below for more information on the #BarktoSchool party.

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Laura Smith said...

The pet owners are very worried about their pet food. It is difficult to find natural food for pets. I hope this pet food provides very good nutritional value to the pet food.

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