Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dog Walking Success
by Walk in Sync™

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Jacque Says Thanks
 for a Great Walk!

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No More Pulling for Jacque!
 Meet Jacque. He's my mother's Papillon, a rescue from a seriously ill lady who had to give him up. Jacque is a delightfully sweet and fun dog. He's playful, friendly, and full of energy. Especially on walks with my mom, who is challenged by his excessive energy.

Thanks to Alecia Evans, the owner and inventor of the Walk in Sync system, Jacque is now able to walk along side my mother and not drag her down the street. Hurray!

We're here today to share some of Alecia's Holistic tips for pup owners as well as a video from her website, that shows off just how easy it is to Walk in Sync with your dog.

  • Got fleas, ticks or lice? Try Cedar Oil. Works in seconds and stops the itching.
  • Arthritis got your pet down? Add canned food theo their diet and watch them change in a week.  It's summer, make sure your dog stays cool and has plenty of access to fresh water. Check out this clip.
  • Don't choke the pup, train them humanely with Walk in Sync.
  • Is your dog's gait off? Try an animal chiropractor for help.
  • Dealing with pet bacteria or virus? Try Molecula Silver pets page.
  • Want to communicate with your dog? Check this out: All Beings Equal
  • Scrapes, cuts, rashes, hot spots. Try Vetricyn. It works great!
  • Have you seen Fiona's video? Check out: www. Hopeforpaws.org
  • Keep your dog's teeth tartar free: Pour Silver into a small spray bottle and spray direct on teeth 2 x daily. Visit the Ultra Nano Health Solutions Pets Page.
  • Is your dog's coat dry, eyes dull, lacking energy? Add in a can of wet food a day and watch your dog change before your eyes.
  • Dog or pup got a sour stomach? Try Boiron homeopathics. They work great and are all natural.
Now enjoy this 1 minute video example of how easy the Walk in Sync system really is:

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