Saturday, August 11, 2012

Frozen Goodies for Lonely #BarktoSchool Days

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Nature's Logic Frozen Treats
Keep Dogs Busy While Mom Preps #BarktoSchool
School has not started yet and the weather is still warm all over the country. One of the healthiest ways to keep your pup busy when you've got a pressing task, or are off to school or work, is to leave them with a frozen goody to nibble on. We often refer to these as Busy Bones.

Choose your "container" carefully, such as a Kong or SafeMade Pet Biggie Bone shown here. Fill the void with canned Nature's Logic food and freeze. Once frozen this new treat will provide a long and satisfying period of enjoyment.

Even if you have no safe chew toys you can turn Nature's Logic food into meatballs as I have done in the container at left. While these will go a bit faster because the dogs don't have to dig for the goods, they're still a slow snack that is healthy, cool and fun to eat.

Tanner, Oliver and I are busily preparing for #BarktoSchool, a Twitter Party hosted through our Event Barkers partnership with Paris of This fast-paced event will keep you on the edge of your seat, learning more about pet nutrition, dog training and getting to know co-sponsor Peggy Frezon and her books and blog.

Join us Sunday evening at 8 PM ET with sponsors Walk in Sync, Peggy Frezon and Nature's Logic to win prizes valued at a total of $1080! Our grand prize alone is worth $276. Yowzers!

Need tips for joining in a Twitter Party? You got it:
  • You must RSVP to win. Visit this link to sign up for the event.
  • Don't care about the prizes? No worries. Anyone can join in the fun by Tweeting with the hashtag #BarktoSchool.
  • Follow the party hosts and sponsors to make sure you're able to win prizes.
  • Show up a bit early and check in by saying hello to the sponsors and hosts, using the #BarktoSchool hashtag. Once we know you're present, you'll be eligible to win great prizes, given away every 10 minutes for the full length of the party--through 9:30 PM ET.
  • Be prepared to man your refresh button energetically as the party will proceed very swiftly and it often takes extra effort to keep your browser up with the party.
  • Join in the chat using the hashtag #BarktoSchool in each Tweet.
  • If you do win a prize, be sure to watch for a DM (direct message) via Twitter, in which you'll be asked for shipping information and possible size or color decisions. We may want to know your pet's sex and weight for other inclusions in your package.
Sounds like fun, right? It is! Don't miss it. The prizes begin at the shotgun start, promptly at 8 PM ET. See you then!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dog Walking Success
by Walk in Sync™

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Jacque Says Thanks
 for a Great Walk!

No More Pulling for Jacque!
 Meet Jacque. He's my mother's Papillon, a rescue from a seriously ill lady who had to give him up. Jacque is a delightfully sweet and fun dog. He's playful, friendly, and full of energy. Especially on walks with my mom, who is challenged by his excessive energy.

Thanks to Alecia Evans, the owner and inventor of the Walk in Sync system, Jacque is now able to walk along side my mother and not drag her down the street. Hurray!

We're here today to share some of Alecia's Holistic tips for pup owners as well as a video from her website, that shows off just how easy it is to Walk in Sync with your dog.

  • Got fleas, ticks or lice? Try Cedar Oil. Works in seconds and stops the itching.
  • Arthritis got your pet down? Add canned food theo their diet and watch them change in a week.  It's summer, make sure your dog stays cool and has plenty of access to fresh water. Check out this clip.
  • Don't choke the pup, train them humanely with Walk in Sync.
  • Is your dog's gait off? Try an animal chiropractor for help.
  • Dealing with pet bacteria or virus? Try Molecula Silver pets page.
  • Want to communicate with your dog? Check this out: All Beings Equal
  • Scrapes, cuts, rashes, hot spots. Try Vetricyn. It works great!
  • Have you seen Fiona's video? Check out: www.
  • Keep your dog's teeth tartar free: Pour Silver into a small spray bottle and spray direct on teeth 2 x daily. Visit the Ultra Nano Health Solutions Pets Page.
  • Is your dog's coat dry, eyes dull, lacking energy? Add in a can of wet food a day and watch your dog change before your eyes.
  • Dog or pup got a sour stomach? Try Boiron homeopathics. They work great and are all natural.
Now enjoy this 1 minute video example of how easy the Walk in Sync system really is:

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Natural Pet Food by Nature's Logic

Let's Have a Tailgate Party
Celebrate Good Nutrition and Transparent Labeling
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Checking out a natural pet food is an incredibly scary task. When Nature's Logic approached me and my Event Barkers partner about sponsoring a Twitter Party I soon found I had learned a great deal more about their product than I expected. The biggest feature--the one that I found most enthralling--ends up to be the sources of their vitamins, minerals and amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

Reading a pet food label is tricky business. The rules are not natural as many of the pet industry's activities are not as well monitored by government as we may have thought. Think again. Here's one example: Disclaimers such as “made with added vitamins & minerals” on all-natural products allows a manufacturer to add synthetic vitamins and minerals & still claim it is natural. When you continue down the list of ingredients you'll get to the supplements that are added to bring the chow into compliance with AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) guidelines. Surprisingly, these don't have to be "all-natural", even if the bag is labeled as such.

We've learned that Nature's Logic is one brand that believes in sourcing their supplements from whole foods--truly natural sources--not synthetic ingredients that you find in most pet foods.

Nature's Logic has another pin in its cap that I find quite compelling. They've never ever had a recall. These days that's nothing short of miraculous. It's also very comforting to know you're feeding your pet an American made food that is one of only 6 brands to divulge every single ingredient in their entire package by taking the pet food pledge at Truth About Pet Food. You can read more about the pledge here. will be joining other pet blogs and Twitterers for an Event Barkers Twitter Party, sharing more information like that I've included above. Follow the link to RSVP for the party, so you'll be eligible to win great prizes, while you're learning helpful tips along the way. Won't you join us to learn more about your pet's dinner? We'll be handing out over a $1000 in prizes to include Nature's Logic pet food, Walk in Sync's Get-a-Grip leashes and a walking system that includes training videos and a 30 minute consultation with the owner/inventor, as well as books and other fun items from our additional sponsors, Peggy Frezon and Event Barkers. Click the badge below for more information on the #BarktoSchool party.
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