Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Becoming a Vegetarian: Organic Journey Online Takes an Inside Look at the Process

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by Carrie Boyko

(c) Carrie Boyko
Introducing Toni Boyko
Good morning and please accept my apologies for my absence. While away playing with my dog blog, I found it suddenly took off. I've been consumed by it ever since. But alas, I have a solution. Since living the organic lifestyle is still my choice, I needed to find a way to bring you content. When my daughter decided to take on a vegetarian diet, I ultimately found that her desire to share this with you was a worthwhile addition of information for this site's readers, whether or not you may choose this route for yourself. Knowledge is empowerment to make choices.

So today I am introducing you to my 21 year old daughter, Toni, a senior in college. In addition to being a vegetarian, Toni is majoring in biology, while concentrating in environmental science to further her understanding of a sustainable world and continue working at healthy, green living. While considering her options for grad school, Toni is studying abroad this summer, as she writes this series for you. Her summer study is primarily on Primatology and ecology. This area of zoology that has always captured her interest will likely be compelling, yet she is concerned about career possibilities in this narrow niche. She continues to gravitate more and more toward healthy living in the forms of eating organic and vegetarian, while living greener.

So, the jury is out on where my daughter will land with a career, yet her interest in sharing her vegetarian experience with you is most certainly a telling peek at what is to come. I hope you will join Toni for her series that will take you through the whole process, from consideration to installation in a vegetarian diet.

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feed in tariff said...

You should be proud of your daughter. To be that young and be so environmentally conscious and concerned, that's very rare.

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