Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lemon Oh So Good Organic Cookie that's Very Low in Fat!

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Thanks Samantha! We love Them.
Well, I suppose you've all been wondering where I am. It seems that there is a dog blog out there that has sniffed me out, fetched me over there, and hounded me into full time service. Along the way that dog blog has managed to climb into the Top 100 Pet Blogs and get quite a bit of attention. So, alas, I have left my poor OJO quiet and lonely. 

Today we can celebrate a new organic cookie recipe. And that party should be even more hearty because this cookie has a whopping 1 gram of fat. How's that for healthy? Maybe you're a skeptic and certain they'll be awful. Think again.

I nabbed this recipe from a new friend at our family reunion. I should have told her I'd make her famous, but then that might have been a little over the top. Now that I've found all the ingredients in organic form, I just had to tackle them. Here goes:

Lemon Cloud Cookies
  • 1 organic egg
  • 2 cups TruWhip, all natural Cool Whip substitute (yes; it's terrific!) You'll find this in the freezer section of many natural food stores.
  • 1 box organic lemon cake mix
  • 1/2 cup organic powdered sugar
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and lightly spray 2 large cookie sheets.
  2. Now that you're done gagging over that long list of ingredients (LOL) let's get to work. Stir egg, TruWhip and Cake Mix together until well mixed. It will be a sticky mixture.
  3. Place the powdered sugar in a bowl.
  4. Using 2 spoons, scoop up a rounded teaspoonful and roll it in the sugar, using the spoons. Fingers will get too sticky!
  5. Place on cookie sheet.
  6. Oven variations and personal preference being what they are, bake the cookies for roughly 13-14 minutes.
  7. Cool on rack and store in airtight containers when completely cool. This recipe makes approximately 30 cookies. Yippee!
Now that you have a low fat cookie recipe that is totally yummy, you have license to bake them for everyone you know this holiday season. Who can complain about those fattening treats you gave them when these are incredibly healthy? Let the baking begin...

NOTE #1: Feel free to leave comments thanking Samantha for the recipe. We love her!

NOTE #2: If you miss seeing me and my silliness, feel free to stop in at All Things Dog Blog (my completely serious doggie bloggie) or 5 Minutes for Fido, where silliness is an art form with my pack being the bloggers. And don't forget to enjoy your journey.

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