Saturday, April 3, 2010

OJO's Favorite Organic Wine and Beer

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(c) photo copyright Carrie Boyko
My Connoisseur's Organic Wine Picks

Thankfully, Organic wines are becoming more widely available. We've seen them on restaurant wine lists and even traditional grocers are adding small sections of sustainable vino. That's a good thing to encourage competition and growth of this narrow niche.

At my house, there's not much competition. The wine drinkers' hands down favorite Cabernet is Badger Mountain, with Parducci's Sustainable Red coming in a close second. Bonterra and Our Daily Red are quite tasty too, according to my wine tasting committee.

Beer has not been such an easy search. Between what's available in our area and the selection brought in from a cousin who has a large warehouse nearby, we've still only found one brand that is truly enjoyable to the whole committee--Caledonian Golden Promise. You can check them out at the link. The beer is sold in pints, rather large, but for the true beer lover, that doesn't seem to be an issue. Price is not terribly out of line, so we recommend you give it a shot, or perhaps I should say a 'pint.'

Of course, I realize we have left out white wines. Duh! While the only white wine that is truly enjoyed in my house of wine lovers is Reisling. I'm eager to find a bottle of Sustainable white to taste test. Meanwhile, you might try Sterling's organic choices. They're not bad, but my gang has a particularly picky palate. We'll continue the hunt and keep you posted when we find a really flavorful choice. You know--the kind with good legs!

In a world where variety is the spice of life, organic wine and beer does not yet have a good deal of variety to offer. The more we drink or serve our guests, the more experimentation and variety we will see in the market. Do you have a favorite that I have not mentioned? I'd love to hear from you with the brand and type of wine. The comment link is always available, as is my email at

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