Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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(c) photo courtesy of Nature's Path, all rights reserved
Peanut Buddy--Winner's Choice

And the winner is...............Marcus. His comments, quirky as they might seem, were taken as from the heart. That was good enough for the folks at Nature's Path:
"In case you've confused yourself, Peanut Buddy isn't just another name for a peanut butter granola bar. It's also a true friend. And who doesn't like friends...especially peanut ones!"
Well said, Marcus, we hope you enjoy your granola bars. They will be arriving at your door sometime soon, so keep an eye on that mailbox, and this one too. We hope you'll keep reading. There will be some yummy organic recipes coming up soon. Be sure to stop in and see what's new.

One last comment...Nature's Path was kind enough to offer a contest for free granola bars at my other blog, as well: New Kid on the Green Block. The winner of those bars will be announced today also. Who do you think it is?
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