Friday, January 29, 2010

Nature's Path Introduces New Gluten-Free Cereal

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Thumbs Up for Gluten Free Cereal

Having halfway adopted my son's girlfriend, I have been enjoying the experience of experimenting with gluten free foods for her. While she does not officially have Celiac, she does have a serious reaction to it, so learning to read labels the right way and seek out gluten free foods that don't taste like cardboard has been an important adventure for me. The last thing I want to do is starve her when she's here visiting.

Recently, Nature's Path sent me samples of two of their cereals with a request for a review. No problem. Lauren was due in soon for a visit, so I was eager to let her put in her two cents. The photos on the boxes were quite enticing, though, and I had to fight my willpower not to open them and dig in before she arrived. Here are Lauren's comments:

"What I liked most about both cereals is that they are more than just corn and rice; I feel like eating a hearty bowl of these cereals is good for me as they are full of fiber, flax and omega 3's. Eating gluten-free, it can be easy to fall into a corn and rice based diet that lacks some major nutritional necessities." (Excellent point, Lauren!)
"There was a good texture and a variety of different morsels that reminded me of the Kashi cereals. Also, as a fan of Nature's Path's Gorilla Munch, I was happy to see the same little corn puffs from one of my favorite cereals mixed into the bunch. Both of the flavors were quite sweet. Sometimes I sprinkle sugar on my Rice Krispies; no need for that with these!" 
"The maple flavor was robust, while the vanilla was more subtle. For that reason I think I preferred the vanilla. I suspect the maple may be good as granola with yogurt or peanut butter and I'll give that a try next. Overall, a great gluten-free success! Thanks for the delicious donation to my little college pantry."
I'd say Lauren's comments add up to a big Thumbs Up for this cereal. Thanks for the samples, Nature's Path; you certainly have gained one new customer. Obviously, they were a big hit. Keep up the good work and send me anything new you want tested. I have a great little guinea pig, (jk, she's adorable--really!) ready to do your yummy product reviews.

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