Thursday, October 8, 2009

Breast vs. Bottle Feeding: Part I--Thirteen Reasons Moms Should Breast Feed

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  1. The baby will be receiving many of your immunities to diseases and allergies, via your breast milk.
  2. The meal will always be ready and always be the right temperature.
  3. No bottles to wash, sterilize or drag along.
  4. No formula to mix and warm.
  5. No worries about the quality of the water you add from other sources.
  6. No formula allergies to worry about.
  7. Baby-Mom bonding is quickly in place when sharing their special time, regularly throughout the day.
  8. Breast pumps allow for an occasional outing without baby, so Mom and Dad can get some couple's time.
  9. Moms can also pump and freeze breast milk to preserve for their ultimate return to work.
  10. Breast feeding moms burn extra calories and get their figures back quicker (Yes! This has been substantiated in many studies).
  11. The stools of breast fed babies do not have as objectionable an odor as formula-fed infants. Now, there's a selling point!
  12. Breast milk is a sustainable product. The sucking action of a baby's nursing stimulates more milk production, so supply meets demand. Mom simply needs to assure that she is drinking plenty of fluids. Water, organic juices, and milk are her best choices.
  13. Finally, add up the cost of infant formula for a typical year of feeding and you'll understand just how very much money saving opportunity you will pass up if you choose to bottle feed with formula.
I hope these thoughts on the importance of breast feeding will help a few new moms in their big decision. Part II of this series will take a look at some tips for breast feeding while out and about. New moms should not have to spend their lives indoors. Join me for an upcoming post on how to feed your infant in most any atmosphere, with hardly a notice from the nosiest of passersby.


Marty said...

Our 25-year old son was 7-weeks premature and, although I planned to nurse, the doctors felt that a special 24-kilocalorie formula was better for him. He has suffered with a life of allergies, asthma, and has always caught every germ that came down the pike. Our 22-year old son was 6-weeks premature, but in those three years, attitudes changed and I was encouraged to breast feed, which I did until he chose to quit at about 9 months old. This son has had very few illnesses, no allergies, and no skin conditions. Wishing I could turn back time for our oldest son's sake.

Carrie J. Boyko said...

Thanks, Marty, for emphasizing my point exactly. Mother nature's intended way is generally best, all things being equal. My firstborn gave it up earlier than a year also, and was the only one of my three to have allergies. No surprises there!

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