Friday, July 31, 2009

Resources for Free Stuff

Free Stuff:
Put Your Money Away

After yesterday's post I got excited about the prospects for more free stuff. A little Googling and away I went.

Craig's List has become the GO TO place for college students needing free furniture for their dorms and apartments.

Swap-O-Ramas, ( check back on August 3 for a post on how these trading parties work) are perfect for baby boomers looking to downsize, redecorate, or re-energize their wardrobes after a diet. Young families looking to trade up on toys for their children who are growing can also find great value in this plan, or they can give Toyswap a crack. This online swapping service focuses on kids' stuff.

What about seniors? Craig's List is great for those who are computer literate and have access to the Internet. But many don't. Here's a book that provides lots of sources:

Free Stuff is another site that has a wide variety of items available. The site opened up with a free package of hearing aid batteries. Fortunately I don't need those yet, but I know many people who do. Hear that, Seniors? Check it out! I was shocked at all the stuff as I scrolled through. I'll be going back for a shopping trip right after I finish writing this post.

Thunderfap (strange name, huh?) had great graphics of all their cool stuff. Free Stuff Times' site wasn't as exciting, but they also had a lot to offer. Ditto for Just Free Stuff, although I liked their themed "departments", which made it easy to locate something in particular you may be searching for.

One last site I should mention, but hate to, is Free College Stuff. Notice I'm not providing the link here. I can't really recommend this, but free condoms and free term papers were definitely good for a laugh. Who knows how those terms papers would come up when plugged into the sites for checking plagiarism. Of even more concern, I'd be a little worried about what 130 degree warehouse those condoms had been stored in. Careful! I can't exactly say buyer beware, now can I?!!

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