Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Help Organic Journey Online Hit 5000 Visitors by July 4, 2009

Hello Organic Journey Online readers:

In reflecting on the past year, since I began OJO July 4, 2008, I see that I am nearing 4500 visitors. I'm flabbergasted by this overwhelming interest in my fledgling blog. Aside from an email to friends, my only advertising has been word of mouth, and clearly there has been a good amount of that to have had more than 4300 visitors to date. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

If you have not taken a good look lately, I hope you'll take a few minutes to peruse. Things have changed since last July immensely. I've done a lot of Internet sleuthing and added all kinds of bells and whistles in the sidebar--fun stuff for you to do and look at.

To celebrate my upcoming anniversary, I have added three slide shows to give you a little extra something to enjoy. Kick back your chair, prop your feet up and stay a while. Check out the resources in my sidebar. Did you know there are links to everything in my blog at the Archives section? Were you aware of the links to other blogs and the lists of my favorite green books to read? There's even a widget that will find your closest Farmer's Market or organic restaurant. Cool, huh?!

One of the slide shows I added includes pictures of fresh organic vegetables and another portrays images of juicy organic fruits. Your mouth will be watering by the time you finish watching. At the bottom of the posts section, there is a unique slide show of wind farm images. I particularly enjoyed watching this, finding it serene and peaceful.

I hope you enjoy these and I encourage you to throw caution to the wind and send me a comment. Just hit that purple COMMENTS link under this post on the right. It is just to the left of the little white envelope icon. You'll get a cute little box to write your note in and you can even click Anonymous if you'd rather not have anyone know you commented. Your choice, of course.

How am I doing? What would you like to see here in the coming year? What kinds of topics would you find so interesting that you would tell others about OJO, or perhaps send them my link? I'd love to hear from you at my OJO email: CarrieLeaJohnson@gmail.com . Fire off that note right now while you're thinking about it. Without you, I wouldn't have made it this far. Thanks for your support.

Following my note, I will include a complete list, in order, of the "bells and whistles" in my sidebar. We'll call it a Sidebar Tour, and I'll be sure to let you know which items are links; these can simply be clicked to take you where you want to go. Links really do make navigating so much easier. I hope you enjoy my tour.

Many thanks,

Carrie Boyko

OJO's Sidebar Tour

as of June 16, 2009

First, let me point out that this tour is only good for a few days. I am constantly looking for new additions to my sidebar, to give you more things to explore in the green and organic world. So if you come to this post next week or next month, please accept my sincere apologies if the sidebar doesn't match the following tour. That said, here goes:
  1. Free Email Subscription Box--fill in your email address, answer a question or two and you'll receive my posts in your email. It's free! But best of all you won't have to remember the exact website address. Your email will give you the title of the post. If it is not of interest to you, simply click delete. If you want to read it, click to open and it will magically appear.
  2. Amazon gift card widget--click and it will take you right to Amazon to purchase a gift card for Father's Day, or any other special day you need a gift for. You can even celebrate Monday and buy one for yourself!
  3. Honors and Nominations--a link to the organization who voted me the 15th best Organic Blogger in the US.
  4. Visit My Other Sites--these are links to my sites. Just click and go.
  5. Fruit slide show--corny, I know. But if you watch it for a few seconds you'll start to wish you had purchased more fruit when you went to the market.
  6. Amazon Stuff I Recommend: Books, composting solutions, green magazine subscriptions, natural weed killer, etc. All the photos are links to the Amazon site, where you can purchase these items without searching for them. I did the work for you. You're welcome.
  7. My Profile: My story in one paragraph. That's all it takes.
  8. Badge: My Blog Fights Climate Change. I had to earn this badge, so I am proud of it. By displaying this badge, Brighter Planet purchased 350 pounds of carbon offsets to fight climate change. Go Carrie!
  9. Green Day News: This is green, organic, Eco and Sustainable News from around the Google world. Click to open any articles that sound interesting. They change daily.
  10. LinkedIn: My business profile is at this link.
  11. RSS Subscription. For those of you who save lots of stuff from around the web, using RSS to collect posts from blogs you like, is a great way to store them for reading whenever you're ready. They collect in their own little email account called a Google Reader and you can read them on vacation, at Starbucks, or anyplace you have Internet access. It's handy for all you techies. Need help? Check out my post on how to set it up. It takes 10 mintues...no big deal: Free and easy subscribing to Organic Journey Online.
  12. Amazon search box: If there is something you'd like to look up at Amazon, you can do it right here, without leaving OJO.
  13. My Topic Schedule: This is here for your convenience. What do you think? Should I stick to a schedule or just write what's new and interesting on a daily basis? Give me your thoughts at the comment link below--next to the little envelope icon at the bottom of the post.
  14. The Yellow search widget is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Just type in your ZIP code and it will bring you a list of nearby farmers markets, organic markets, organic restaurants, sustainable farms, organic caterers, cooking schools and more.
  15. Google search box: Duh! You know what to do with this.
  16. For Bloggers Only: Fave this Blog to Technorati. Thanks in advance if you give me a thumbs up.
  17. Green Blogger Badge: This is sort of like membership, a badge that shows my affiliation with a group.
  18. Blog Catalog: more of the same from #17.
  19. Favorite Blogs: These links are super neat. They list the blog name (which is a link) and their latest post, with a day of posting. This is also a link, so you can easily navigate to their site, if you see something of interest. Have fun with this. It changes every day, so you could find all sorts of interesting topics here if you simply remember to check it which you visit.
  20. The last blog on the Favorite Blogs list is Central Florida Green Guide. I'm on staff at this blog which reviews products and services and gives news about events in the Central Florida area. If you're a local, this blog is a must-read.
  21. Kindle ad is provided by Amazon. This is a really cool Eco gadget for saving paper and money. You download cheap books, articles and magazines to this high-tech gadget(really, just a few bucks each) and it holds a bunch of them. It's light and portable, so you can carry all your reading with you. It's definitely worth a second look.
  22. Recommended Books: Some of my favorite reads.
  23. More Favorite Sites: Yeah....more! Again, they are all links, so just click and off you go.
  24. "I Recommend" is an Amazon widget with photos of the books I recommended in item #22 above. These photos are links to Amazon, so you won't have to search and rescue your book of choice. Just a few clicks to purchase it and you're done. Thanks, by the way, for any Amazon purchases you make via links on my site. Every little bit helps support my work.
  25. Archives: This is my library of posts, sorted by date. If you knew the date of a post, you could find it here. If not, move on to number 26:
  26. Labels: This is where you can find what you're looking for if you have a topic in mind. Every topic is alphabetical, and is also a link. Click the topic you're interested in and you'll get the posts that include that topic.
  27. Last but not least, at the very top of the blog, above my title, in the left corner, you'll find a "Search Blog" box. This is run by Google to help you sort through my massive amounts of posts (266 to date, in 11 1/2 months of posting) and find what you're truly interested in reading about. By all means, use it.

If you stuck it out all the way to this point, I commend you. This was pretty dry stuff, I know. I felt the need to give an overview of what all that gobbly-gook is in the sidebar. My hope is that this provided you with a little more reason to visit and stick around for a while. Comments? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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