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Organic Journey Online's Green Team Helps You Find Eco-Friendly Toys

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Happy Earth Day
from our Pack to Yours!

My canine green team is here today to help spread the word about Earth Day savings on green toys. Yes, toys! If you're a mom or a grandma, or simply have a friend with a lovable child, now is your chance to check out Amazon's great selection of Eco-friendly toys. I even found some green goodies in there for my pups, so enjoy a shopping spree. Call it your personal economic stimulus package. Hope it's fun.

Speaking of fun. My dogs have another message. Well, to be honest, the message is mine. Vacation time is coming and I'd like to share with you an alternative form of housing for your furry friend, when you venture off for your well-deserved time off from the work-a-day world. So here goes.

Dogs were not meant to me left in a crate or kennel for days on end. The traditional boarding that is found at many veterinary clinics is abhorrent to me. As much as I have loved many of my vets, I cannot back their boarding practices.

I suppose they do it out of a need to help their patients' families with an affordable place to keep Fido and Fluffy, while they are out of town. I'll give them that assumption and forgive them.

I have found a wonderful alternative for this in my area, and it is a concept that is growing. Many doggie daycare and boarding facilities provide a social, play area for their visitors to run and play. Buyer beware; they don't all work this way. I've found more than a few that offer only periodic outings from their crates during the day. Your job is to ask the tough questions and meet some of the other families. Tour the facility and see what goes on. You know what your dog needs, and that will guide your decision.

Bow Wow Resort, our local, hometown dog daycare, is close by and family owned and operated. They are located on Highway 436 near Bear Lake Road, for those of you in Central Florida.

Xena, Tanner and Oliver each have their choice of places to play, each to suit their needs. Aging dogs and ones too tiny to play with others, are kept indoors, if their owner prefers, interacting with the people who come and go, as well as the staff. Plenty of toys are provided and the "kids" learn to play nicely together.

A covered, outdoor area is provided for the heat sensitive or smaller pups, with plenty of room for all when the rains come. The outdoor yard has shade areas, obstacles for interesting play, and a splash pool to cool off on sizzling, summer days. While, most of the bigger dogs spend their day in the yard, a few of the smaller ones join them, bringing along their big-dog attitudes. Supervision is provided along with a good fetch game, assuring me that my pups will come home satisfied after a long day of play.

Of course, every dog needs a nap. Each is offered his own private room for nap time, along with a snack to reward him for his willingness to take a rest. Siesta time at Bow Wow Resort is amazingly quiet, as they all catch up on their ZZZs at the same time. So peaceful!

Like many other boarding facilities, Bow Wow will keep your pup overnight or for your whole vacation, and offers grooming and training services, as well. Their friendly, experienced staff is always willing to work with me on special requests, and my pups love it there. How do I know this? All I have to do is check out the back of the car about 2 blocks before we arrive. All 3 of them are in full body wiggles, eager to get out and start their play date.

I hope you are able to find a similarly accommodating boarding facility for your furry friend when vacation time comes around. After you consult the yellow pages, try your vet, friends and other dog owners. And don't forget Google. Your best friend is counting on you. Best of all, wouldn't you like to come home to a happy, well-adjusted, and sufficiently tired dog, that will be ready to help you sleep off the jet lag? Of course!


Late Breaking News:

My latest post at the Central Florida Green Guide was published yesterday. The topic is Green Family Fun: Let's Visit the Dog Park. Hope you'll stop in.

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