Monday, April 20, 2009

National TV Turn Off Week is Here

photo courtesy of TV

Grab your remote control and hide it! It's time to take your family time back and learn to spend spare time on other, more educational and bonding activities with your family. Here at the national website, you will find questions, history, tips and a thorough list of ideas for spending your newfound hours each afternoon or evening. Let me know what you did. I'd like to hear!

You might also enjoy checking out Screentime, The Center for Screentime Awareness. Center for SCREEN-TIME Awareness, where they are "Making screen-time-reduction a vital and integral part of all plans that improve health, education and wellness while building stronger families and communities."

If the average family watches 2-3 hours of TV each weekday, you'll be saving at least 12 hours of electricity by turning off the box. Good job!

If you decide to spend the week reading a good book, let me hear from you. I'm always looking for tips on new titles. My husband's favorite Tshirt reads, "So Many Books, So Little Time." So true!

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