Friday, February 13, 2009

Plastic Recycling Efforts Continue

Graphics credits: Take Back the Filter

According to Take Back the Filter, an announcement was made November 8, 2008 that "Brita and Preserve have teamed up to create a take-back recycling program for Brita pitcher filter cartridges!"

You can read the entire press release and get more information at the link above. Apparently, "participating" Whole Foods Markets are the drop off point for used filters. At this time, only pitcher filters can be recycled, not the faucet attachment type. Contact a Whole Foods store near you to see if they are participating in the program to recycle #5 plastics.

According to the website, "the filter material will be regenerated or converted to energy." An educational website, there is an Anatomy of a Filter Cartridge included, along with news, producer responsibility in this program, an opportunity to donate, and much more. Finally, a daily tally of the cartridges received from each state is included in the right sidebar, a motivating feature. I was disappointed to see the low number for Florida, but plan to do my part to increase that number. I hope you'll join me.


On another note, I should not forget to remind you that tomorrow is Valentine's Day. If you are, like me, in a rush to bake something cute, yet simple, for your sweetie, check out my Valentine Cupcakes post and How to Make Recycled Valentines from whatever you have around your house. A homemade Valentine card is sure to drive Cupid's arrow home. Have a great weekend!
If you are interested in local (Central Florida) health food stores, I have a guest post on the Central Florida Green Guide today, Hoovers Essential Health Market--a Hidden Gem. This is one of my local organic markets; one that I frequent. If you live in the Altamonte Springs area, it's definitely worth a visit.
And the latest news, just in: Organic Journey Online was named to the Top 100 Organic Living Blogs, by a research project published by Radiography My blog actually was ranked number 15. It is good news to know that radiology students are also studying natural health avenues. I am pleased to be honored.

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