Friday, January 30, 2009

Why Organics are so Popular in Baby Products

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More than a few people have asked me about the disproportionate amount of organic and all-natural products that that are seeing for infants: clothing, lotions, shampoos, baby oil, organic cloth or chlorine-free diapers, toys, organic sheets, etc.

Not surprisingly, I'm also seeing this transition in the classy pet boutiques. You know the ones. They're small, located in upper class areas where Yorkies and the like would not be caught dead outside without their cute little frilly outfits. I'm not making fun, mind you. I love it. It's just that my little dog is a BOY, so he's not into that frilly stuff. He does have a dapper little jacket--actually 2--and, dare I say it, one organic Tshirt. He's modeling it above. Yep! It's made out of organic cotton and has a tree appliqued on the back with the word TreeHugger on it. Awwww! I couldn't resist. I figured he'd be my mascot for the blog.

All joking aside, there is good reason to consider organics and all-natural products to be even more important for small children and small dogs. The answer is simple. Their bodies are smaller, therefore the buildup of toxins in their livers can occur much more quickly, when exposed to all those nasty additives like dyes in their sheets, towels and Tshirts, food coloring in their food, preservatives in their treats, and pesticides lacing all of it, lurking unseen. Because the toxic load buildup occurs faster, the smaller the body, our babies and small pups are more at risk.

Do my dogs eat organic food? You bet they do. I got the 411 from my vet on how to be sure it was balanced. There are some high-priced, boutique foods out there that don't meet the canine balancing criteria set by the AAFCO, so I did my homework. What's the AAFCO? The Association of American Feed Control Officials study animal nutritional needs and recommend the levels for healthy dog maintenance.

Enough about dogs. I've talked to lots of moms who apparently are on the same track with their infants. They are feeding their babies organic baby food, even though they don't eat totally organic themselves. At least it's a good start. As the kids grow, perhaps the diet of the whole family will move more in that direction. It's tough; I know there will be a lot of kids at school with fruit roll ups in their lunch boxes. But we have many new options available to us, and the organic industry is growing to meet the need. Despite the downturn in the economy, I still find my local Whole Foods Market to be quite busy.

Need help keeping up your standards? Check out my coupon post for dozens and dozens of coupons. You can save a lot of money with just a few minutes of printing on your computer. I'll be back sometime in February with some tips on making homemade organic baby food the easy way. If you don't want to miss it, be sure to subscribe in the box above. You'll get the title to each day's post in your e-mail. It's as simple as that.

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