Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Social Networking Goes Green

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Xena and Tanner Network on the Raft

Over the holidays I took the plunge. No, I don't mean into that pool, although I did that too. Did you see last week's Woofing Wednesday photo? Anyway, I finally joined a social network. As a blogger, I know that networking is critical to my success, but honestly, it is my shortcoming. Or was. I can now say that I'm enjoying the new social butterfly that is emerging from my cocoon. I'm finding cousins, coworkers, old friends and new friends from my past that I thought I would never talk to again. We're catching up on the years and finding common ground.

Now that I'm engaged in this new activity, I'm seeing how the social networking atmosphere can help me spread the word about living more green and eating organic. If I can save just one person from the pain of cancer, it will be worth it. Not to mention that I'm having a blast making all these connections. The world gets a little smaller each time I sign on.

So, what's my next step? Green social networking. Want to join me? A bit of research and here's a few green social networks you can choose from. I think I'll start with Make Me Sustainable. I hope you'll join me. Inspiration breeds action. Thanks to Take Part, a social action network, for much of this info. Here they are, with a few words about their main focus:

  1. 2People focuses on climate policy.
  2. Be Green Now is all about minimizing carbon emissions. They have a carbon calculator on their site.
  3. Big Carrot gives prizes for community projects that are suggested, solved and followed through on by groups.
  4. Carbon Rally has team competitions to reduce carbon emissions.
  5. Care 2 make a difference is a "do-good" type site, with a large variety of areas to choose from and focus on.
  6. Celsias is a network of climate fighting advocates who participate in projects.
  7. Change has a variety of philanthropies, several of which are green.
  8. Do The Right Thing includes user-created corporate performance ratings and encourages corporations to communicate with consumers.
  9. Gaia is environmentally and spiritually conscious.
  10. Greenwala tauts itself as The green social network. See what you think.
  11. Gusse is all about urban sustainability.
  12. Make Me Sustainable has carbon footprint tracking for members that continues as they make lifestyle changes, allowing members to monitor their improvement.
  13. World Coolers provides global warming alerts.
  14. Zero Footprint creates branded carbon calculators and community sites for cities and large organizations. They are non-profit.

I'm sure there are more, but this is certainly enough to get you started. If you're in, just pick one. I plan to take the time to develop one fairly well before I get myself in over my head. Wish me luck, and I hope to see you there.

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