Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Last of the Green Ideas from "Kids Going Green"

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Recycled Holiday Cards Make Great Gift Tags

I enter today's post with a bit of sadness. I have truly enjoyed answering the comments and questions of the youngsters who have written to me about their book, Our Class is Going Green. Today is the final installment of my answers to them, although I do hope to hear from them again.

Brody reminded us to turn off things when we're not using them, to save electricity and batteries. Dominic is on the same track. His comment about not leaving the refrigerator open reminded me of ME talking to my own children.

ShaiRon is more focused on saving water. She says "You should never let it run." Desaray helps wash the dishes because it goes quicker and they use less water.

Ethan says we should remember to recycle, and ask for help if we need it. He makes a good point. Some things that can be recycled, can't go in our recycling bins. We can go to Earth 911 or Freecycle to find out where to recycle other things in our area.

Trey G. was the enterprising youngster who shared with us that his family used some leftover wood to build their dog a house. He also asked what I do to reuse and recycle my stuff. Wow; that is a question that would take pages to answer. I'll just give you one example that you might like to try yourself. I like to recycle my holiday packaging and cards. I make my Holiday cards into gift tags for next year's gifts. Here's a link to the post where I explain how to do this: Recycle Your Holiday Packaging and Cards. You could do this easily, at home or in art class. The picture at the top of this post is a few of this year's new tags. I like the birdhouse the best. What about you?

Speaking of recycling, I'm in the process of cleaning out my garage. I have all kinds of broken DVD Players and other electronics that I know cannot be just thrown into the garbage. They contain stuff that is bad for the Earth and need to be disposed of properly. Some parts of them can be reused, so it is best to take them to a recycler that specializes in these items. That is a post for another day. Here's the commercial:

Electronics Recycling 411
All new at Organic Journey Online
Coming soon to this channel

Thanks again to all the authors of Our Class is Going Green, and to their teachers who I know as Heather, Mrs. Wailes and Mrs. Nickels. Pardon me if I've missed any names, but please know that I appreciate ALL of you for making this a fun series for me. My readers learned a lot and were pleased to see children engaged in such meaningful activities. Keep up the good work, ladies! We need more teachers like you.

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richard said...

I applaud the kids' efforts and yours, too, to promote their ideas, but i think they need to take a fresh look at two of them:

1-not running the water: depending upon where one lives and the type and age of pipes in a home, running the water for 30 seconds prior to drinking it or using it in food prep could be healthful.

2-washing dishes by hand is not always better than using a machine; it all depends upon how the dishes are hand-washed-i.e. is the hot water constantly running or are the dished washed in a basin filled with hot water?

it it's the former, the dishwasher is probably the better bet.


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