Thursday, January 15, 2009

Green Kids Help Save the Earth

My Favorite Illustration from Our Class is Going Green

I am enjoying a new part of my job. Answering questions from children who are authors is such fun! Back in December I read a book called Our Class is Going Green. I wrote a post, Kids Going Green, about the book, and received comments from the authors. Their questions, thoughts and ideas have kept me quite busy--28 of them! Today I have a few more of their answers:

Myla asked which idea in the book was my favorite. That was an easy question. I love to walk my dogs and enjoy the outdoors. Can you guess my answer, Myla? I liked the idea about walking to school, instead of riding in cars. This saves lots of gasoline. It also saves money for cars. But best of all, it is good for us to walk. It helps to keep us healthy.

Keagan's question took me a few minutes to decide. He wanted to know which picture I liked best from the book. I think I decided on page 7, because I love bugs and butterflies. You and your friends are good artists. I put this illustration at the top of this post.

Ariel asked what is the "funnest green thing that I do". I am enjoying learning how to make compost out of my trash. I only send a few things to the landfill now. Most things go in my compost pile. This makes me feel good. And the compost is good for my plants and yard. Ariel, what is the funnest green thing that YOU do?

Timothy commented that we should try to get jobs that help to keep the Earth clean. This is a very smart idea, Timothy. Earth is our home. If we do not take care of it, who will?

Finally, I will answer AJ's question, "Why did you start this blog?". I have always liked to write. I have written books, but was ready for a change. Writing a blog means I can make all the decisions. I chose to write about living green and eating organic food. I made this choice because it is important to me. I am learning how to do these things, and can share what I learn with you. I hope you, your friends, families and teachers will write to me again sometime and share with me what you have learned. We can learn together. We can all take care of the Earth...together.

I'll be back next Thursday with more answers to questions from my new green friends. I hope to see you then.

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