Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Green New Year

Ahhh! It's New Year's Eve and I'm celebrating. Not in the way you might think, though. We finally got around to teaching Tanner to catch a Frisbee. Notice his great vertical form. We should call him Air Tanner!

Tomorrow starts a new year and I've got a list of far too many resolutions. I'm having trouble deciding which to put off until next year. Perhaps I'll pare them down by making each goal a bit less lofty. Yes; I think that strategy has promise. Instead of trying to live 100% green by next month, I'll work at baby steps each week. Rather than eating 21 meals a week that are totally organic, I'll shoot for eating 90% organic when I eat at home.

Okay, now I'm on a roll. I'd like to continually improve each of my goals, but stress is an issue I can't ignore. It plays heavily into my health. I need to consider this when I think about bigger goals. There is always a trade off.

I once wrote a post about diluted organics. The short version is that I coined a term, diluted organics, to mean roughly the same as all-natural foods--those which aren't grown organically, but do not contain the synthetic additives I loathe. Many such foods and personal care products are available when I cannot find true organics to take their places. I'll be keeping a sharper eye out for these possibilities this New Year, as I ease my standards, while still looking for healthier options. Diluted organics are better than traditionally grown foods by a long shot.
I feel better now that I've let go of some of my mandatory organics goals. I guess sometimes we just need to be a little less anal about our goals, in order to give ourselves a chance to be successful with less-difficult-to-achieve ones. Like Tanner, I need to kick up my heels and have some fun. Now there's a good goal.

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