Monday, December 1, 2008

December Topics for Everyone!

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I hope that photo of leftover Halloween candy got your attention. December is a month of many holidays, both religious and celebratory. New Year's Eve is certainly a nice way to blow off some steam after the rush, rush, rush of preparation for the other holidays. December's posts will cover a variety of topics, hopefully giving each of you something to find useful. Here is a sampling, not necessarily in correct order, of what you will be seeing here on Organic Journey Online in December:
  1. Making labels for homemade organic food gifts
  2. Green and Organic Magazine subscriptions; pick one for your favorite readers
  3. Green gift ideas, both homemade and purchased
  4. Homemade Organic Kahlua, with recipes for yummy New Year's Eve beverages
  5. Creative reusable wrapping ideas
  6. Organic gift basket ideas
  7. Traveling organic; help with finding restaurants to keep your healthy diet on track
  8. Cookie recipes that make great gifts and good desserts for parties
  9. Special-occasion, make-ahead breakfast recipes
  10. A few good go green or organic books to read or give as gifts
  11. My dog's favorite organic treat selections. Tanner fetched these himself!
  12. Tight Budget? Check out my free and low-cost gift ideas for children
  13. Stocking stuffer ideas that won't break the bank
  14. Decorating green, recycling decorations
  15. Organic appetizers
  16. Christmas Dinner Organic Sweet Potatoes
  17. Recipe links to my most popular Thanksgiving dinner recipes; they're just as good on Christmas.
  18. Organic desserts and breads such as cherry tarts and pumpkin muffins
  19. My Christmas Message to You: Live and Let Live
  20. Considering your New Year's resolutions
  21. Shopping sensibly
  22. Feeding the homeless is not just for the holidays; give generously to your local food banks
  23. Holiday wrapping: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  24. Green your New Year's party

That sounds like a lot of posts, doesn't it? Don't worry, one of my New Year's resolutions is to try to write more succinctly. I am a work in progress. Although I may still be a bit off-track on my original daily posting themes, I'll get back to that after the first of January. One exception, Woofing Wednesday is always my trademark post of the week. I consistently get more e-mails about my pups than my posts. Should I be getting a message from that? COMMENT!

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