Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween ReRuns?

"Think outside the candy box"
--Corey Colwell-Lipscon
Founder, Green Halloween

I suppose you could call this post a rerun, but an updated version, at least. A couple of weeks ago, in an effort to get the Halloween mood going, I posted twice about Halloween. Rather than send you back via a link, I've updated the posts and am passing along the info again for all you procrastinators. Friday is Halloween. Grab your broom and fly, my little pretty! Fly!

This year I am determined to give away green treats. I have visited every natural foods store in the area and picked up a number of nice goodies: fruit leathers, raisins, a variety of organic breakfast and granola bars, organic lollipops, organic gummy bunnies (Annie's), Endangered Species mini-chocolates, and all-natural sour gummy worms. I'm feeling pretty pleased with my payload, considering I started out thinking I'd only be giving away raisins and granola bars. Halloween has definitely come mainstream in the organic markets, and that's a good thing for the kids. Very good.

I found a wonderful trio of Mom's websites (thanks Charlene, and Frankie, too) that offered ideas, along with another website to visit: Green Halloween. Meanwhile, for all you moms, here are Charlene's sites:

Busy Moms Recipes website
Busy Moms Recipes blog
Busy Moms Daily Tips

In addition to the above sites, a few tips for your consideration:
  • Individually wrapped sugar cookies (pumpkins maybe) made with natural food coloring
  • Pictures to color (Halloween themes), printed on recycled paper, rolled and tied up with orange cotton yarn

  • Similarly, word searches or crossword puzzles
  • Halloween stickers

  • whistles

  • Halloween bookmarks, made on the computer and printed on recycled paper
  • mini toys like party favors (check the dollar stores for multi-packs)

One green costume idea has come to mind; feel free to steal it and make it your own. If you have a large enough box or a small enough child, make a box into a recycle bin. Simply cover it with green wrapping paper or paint it green. Then paint on the recycle symbol; it isn't that tough to copy. You could even sketch the symbol on an 8 1/2 x 11 sticker sheet, cut it out, and apply it whole. Cut holes for the head and arms and you're in business.

I have to be honest, here. My husband thought this idea was seriously corny. I got a big thumbs down. I've included it again, though, since it won't take long to make, and your kid is probably a good 40 years younger than my husband, so taste is relevant. PLEASE let me know if you do use this idea. I'd just die for a photo!

Let me know your ideas. Wouldn't it be great if we could get the word out all over the country, and lots of children would dress up like wind farm fans, smart cars (there's another good box costume possibility), recycle bins, and other green icons?

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