Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Throw Up Your Paws and Cheer for No More Tear Duct Stains

Happy Woofing Wednesday!

Oliver, the Papillon, is here today to bring you news of our recent research results on doggie tear stains. If you own a toy-sized dog, you may have, like us, battled this problem. Small dogs, with even smaller tear ducts, often have tears frequently throughout the day. These tears tend to stain the fur under the eyes of white or light colored dogs. When we first got Oliver, he had this problem on his snout, where he is white. We heard from another small dog owner that she cured her dog of this problem by switching to organic food.

Up until hearing this, we had been using a product called Angel Eyes, which helped some, but didn't completely take care of the problem. On top of that, Angel Eyes is rather expensive, so I was glad to be able to give it up. Oliver's tear stains cleared up within just a few weeks of starting organic food. What's more, we've heard that other dogs have had the same results.

So, this makes me wonder; what is in conventional dog food that causes tear stains? I had previously been told that tear stains were caused by a bacteria in the tear ducts. If that is true, then it follows that the bacteria must come from the dog food. Does anyone out there know more about this? If you do, clue us in. I'd like to know more. Meanwhile, we're staying on the organic food to prevent the tear stains and limit toxins in little Oliver.

As promised, every Woofing Wednesday post includes another website for you to check out. This week's website is Eat.Drink.Better. Great name, huh?

One last thing. If you're in the mood for a Fall pound cake, my recipe for organic pound cake can be found at Blake Bakes . The recipe makes 2 large loaves, or 4 mini ones--great gifts for the upcoming season. Hope you enjoy it.

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