Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thank You for 1000 Visits!

At nearly 70 posts, I have finally reached the 1000 visitors' mark, thanks to all of you. I am truly enjoying being back in the saddle (writing) and find this role to fit my lifestyle beautifully. However, my goal is to inspire YOU to work more toward eating organic and living green. If there is anything you are interested in that I can research and report back on, please COMMENT below. Also, your COMMENTS about my content or any questions would be welcome.

For today's Tuesday's Tips I am bringing you a blast from the past, or more simply stated, a few of my favorite tips:
Tomorrow I'll show you what a truly safe lawn care treatment sign should say and share a few more safe dog tips. Finally, I will share a farewell photo of Robby the rabbit, who will be moving to Virginia in a couple of weeks to reunite with his true owner, my son. Thursday I'll talk about planting trees and show you a few I've added to our property....small, but with potential. There are even bargains in trees. See you then.

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