Monday, September 8, 2008

Test Your Toxic Load

From the back cover of the book, The Hundred-Year Lie, comes this description of Randall Fitzgerald's book:

"In this devastating expose, investigative journalist Randall Fitzgerald warns how thousands of man-made chemicals in our food, water, medicine, and
environment are making humans the most polluted species on the planet. A century
ago in 1906, when Congress enacted the Pure Food and Drug Act, Americans were
promised "better living through chemistry." Fitzgerald provides overwhelming evidence to shatter this myth, and many others perpetrated by the chemical, pharmaceutical, and processed foods industries. In the face of this national
health crisis, Fitzgerald also presents informed and practical suggestions for what we can do to turn the tide and live healthier lives.


The average American carries a "body burden" of 700 synthetic

Chemicals in tap water can cause reproductive abnormalities and
hermaphroditic birth

A 2005 study of lactating women in eighteen U.S. states found perchlorate
(a toxic component of rocket fuel) in practically every mother's breast

I urge you to take the Toxicity Test at this link to Randal Fitzgerald's website to learn what your risk level is. This book shatters the myth that our food is safe and will motivate you to to take action to protect your health and that of your family; please find time to read it. I'd love to hear your comments below. Just click the purple COMMENT link that follows this post.

One very important action you can take to begin to reduce your toxic load is to start converting your diet to organic foods. Even a small step or two will take you in the
right direction. This blog is all about taking small steps to move toward better health and a greener future for the Earth. You don't have to become a vegetarian or give up all of your favorite foods.

For instance, my favorite cookies are organic oatmeal cookies. I've posted the recipe for them at Blake Bakes where you will find a picture and complete instructions with the recipe. This is a great way to get started loving organics. Who doesn't love a

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