Thursday, September 25, 2008

Let's Plant Trees: Thursday's Green Tip Toe

I wish there was a way to keep track of all the new trees being planted, versus the ones being cut down in the rain forests. It is heartening to hear about the new codes which require a certain number of trees per acre on new construction.

Recently I renovated an old apartment building and we added 5 new trees to the front yard. I can hardly wait to see them start to fill out. About 6 years ago, when we added on to our home, we put in a couple of beautiful, small elm trees. They have spread out to have a nice canopy and bring welcome shade to the side of our home, reducing our air conditioning requirements. It is surprising how quickly they grow. One day you plant them and comment on how cute they are, and the next day you're trimming large branches away from the house. Where did the time go?!

This Thursday's Green Tip Toe is don't put it off. Those trees you're planning to plant SOMEDAY, won't be providing shade SOMEDAY, unless you plant them NOW.
Okay, this Green Tip Toe might take more than 10 minutes. Let's tally this: 30 minutes to get back and forth to your local garden center + 20 minutes to select a tree for the spot you have in mind. Get the kids to dig the hole while you're gone, and add 10 more minutes to put it in the ground. You're done in 1 hour. Can you afford 1 hour to beautify your yard, raise your property value, attract butterflies and birds, and provide oxygen to the planet? Of course you can!
Count yourself among the ranks of the treehuggers, and while you're at it visit

© photo copyright Carrie Boyko

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