Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Woofin' Wednesdays Brings You Another Favorite Green Website

Toni gets
"Poochie Smoochies"

We got caught.
Tanner and Oliver just don't love their girl, and of course, they never get any attention. Tisk! Welcome to Woofin Wednesdays where I offer up a photo or two of my furry family (I'm still trying to capture the cat and the rabbit on camera; they are shy.) members and a favorite green or organic website for you to peruse.

It is very timely that TreeHugger now has RSS available for you to subscribe to the specific categories that you are most interested in, and believe me, they have lots of green categories. When you visit their site, click the RSS logo and it will ask you which categories you wish to subscribe to. So easy!

If you missed my post on how to subscribe to blog posts via RSS (Really Simple Syndication), you can find it at Free and Easy Subscriptions to Organic Journey Online. These instructions work for other blogs also, so feel free to steal my info and use it to your benefit. Have at it!

Let me know what you think and PLEASE leave a comment on the purple COMMENT link just below to let me know your thoughts. Every COMMENT entered on the blog this month will go into a drawing for a free Chicobag cloth shopping bag. Meanwhile, I hope to see you tomorrow for Thursday's Green Tip Toe, when I will give you some 10-minute ideas on living more green. I think I'll talk about saving paper this week. Since we were just talking about treehuggers, are you up for this?

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