Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday's Green Tip-Toe: Bento Boxes meet Target

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On Thursday, September 14, I wrote a post entitled Green Up Your Back to School Lunches, in which I introduced, and included a photo of the popular Bento boxes. They are truly awesome, but unfortunately, they don't come cheap. With many Americans living on tight budgets during these uncertain economic times, shelling out $30+ for a lunchbox that your kid might lose (mine lost more than a few) can be a tough decision--no matter how committed you are to living more green. Enter Target. I found this wonderful reusable, 3-compartment box, with utensils included for less than $10. At this price, your kid can lose 3 and you are still ahead, as you won't have to pay any shipping if you buy it at the store.

At the Target link above, you'll find an assortment of other similar boxes for salads, etc. and sets of Bento-type boxes, as well--all bargain priced.

The box is called a Frooshi and is made by a company called Bramli, out of Israel--not exactly local. That is one strike against it if you're trying to keep American dollars at home and save the fuel of getting it shipped here, but at least it is a more affordable option.

I was also impressed by the minimal packaging. I'm including a photo of the Frooshi I purchased for myself, and want to share with you one detail you cannot tell by the picture. Inside the container, the sections are fairly well sealed into a lid which is shaped to close itself in at the compartment walls. In other words, your food won't get all mixed up. On the flip side, though, I wouldn't put 3 kinds of liquid items in the compartments and turn the thing upside down. Lucky for me, I have an insulated lunch bag that fits this box perfectly, leaving room for an ice pack and a reusable drink bottle. It is a great set up to eliminate paper and plastic packaging for my take-along lunches when I'm working out of town. As I have seen them described on other sites: the garbage free lunchbox. How clever!

Today's 10-minute tip is to stop in at your nearest Target, or visit the link above, and check out the Frooshi assortment of reusable, garbage-free lunch containers. Your green lunchbox choice may be waiting there for you, just like mine. I'd love to hear from you. What kind of green lunch boxes do you have for your family?

Tomorrow's post will bring you two money-saving recipes for organic sausage. No, we're not talking about pork sausage for breakfast. This is the stuff great, healthy, low-fat dinners are made of. So join me to find out how wonderful sausage can be at dinner. Also, on Monday, I'll be getting back to juicing again, this time making delicious organic apple juice, and using the pulp to make homemade organic applesauce. This will be wonderful in those great new lunchboxes we've been looking at over the past week. And for this treat you won't even need a freezer pack. What's my secret? Join me Monday to find out.

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