Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Official Organic Journey Online Visitors' Tour: Part I

Toni and Oliver (see him peeking out of her purse?) are here to help you along the way through this blog tour. They are your destination. Here is how it works: I'll point you to a few places in the blog to check out, so you'll know what they are and how to use them. When you get to the very bottom of the blog, you'll find this photo of Toni and Oliver. That's when you know you're just about to the bottom. Just about.

Before I begin, let me apologize for neglecting my usual Thursday Green Tip-Toe post: Things you can do in 10 minutes to live more green. I've been hearing from a few of you that blogs are a foreign concept and needed some explaining, so I decided to educate you a bit. That will make following my posts and using my site much easier. After all, you can live more green ONLY if you can read more about it, so I guess this qualifies as a green tip-toe.

Let's get started. Our first stop is the home page where you arrive when you type in our name, . You'll notice that the date of each post is located at the left, so you can see when it landed there. For those of you who are really beginners, a post is simply an article, much like a newspaper column. Most posts within one blog are themed to the blog's content, although there may be an occasional variation. My blog's theme is eating organic and living more green, but I wander a bit by including photos of my furry family just to lighten things up a bit--increase the fun factor.

At the end of each an every post on Organic Journey Online, you will find 2 lines that say the following:

Posted by Carrie Boyko at 6:00AM 2 COMMENTS (an icon of a white envelope)Labels: organic, green, green living,

In the middle of the first line of the above is a key word: COMMENTS. This is where you can have your say about this post. Send me a message on your thoughts or questions. Whatever you have to say about this post's topic, this is the place to do it. Just click the word COMMENTS and you're off to the horses. A magical box will appear. Put your cursor inside it and talk to me. I really want to hear from you. One person told me that their COMMENT link doesn't show up in purple on their computer. It doesn't really matter what color your computer displays the link in; just click it. The white envelope icon which appears next to the comment link is exactly what you think it is. Click this and you can send my post to whomever you like. Just type in your e-mail address and theirs, and there is even a place to include a note to them. Again, it is very easy to share my posts this way, so please spread the word if you read something you know someone else would enjoy reading.

The second line at the bottom of each post begins with the word Labels. These are there partly to help search engines locate content for searches. They can also be a magic carpet ride for you, the reader, straight to the topic you click. Again, I'll cover this in Part II when I talk more about labels.

A basic rule of format for blogs is that the first post in any blog is the most recent. Just like newspaper columnists, bloggers usually follow a schedule. Some post weekly, some daily--anything goes. Following the final post that appears in the post column there is a link to Older Posts. If you click this it will recall posts written just prior to those you have just viewed and you can read a new batch. This is sort of like picking up a stack of older newspapers and playing catch up on your favorite column. A complete Blog Archive (sometimes called a Library or another similar name), which contains blogs written before those shown, appears in the right sidebar. We'll get to that is Part 2 of the tour.

As you scroll downward through the various posts, they will have earlier and earlier dates on them, and finally you will come to the last one. That is where you will find the link to Older Posts.

Something standard with my blog provider is the link for a subscription to my posts through Atom. Atom is another "reader" which provides you with my posts in your e-mail. I have never used Atom, so you're on your own if you decide to use this instead of the one that follows it:

Subscribe to RSS


All Comments

We'll cover RSS Monday in Part II of this tour, where I will show you how to use the fun widgets and links in the right sidebar of the blog. This is much more fun than simply reading my posts; you get to play with the toys in my toy box. Now you have arrived at your destination--Toni and Oliver's photo. Just under this photo is a list of my Upcoming Posts. This is just for promo, to let readers know what's coming up soon. The visit counter, as of this writing, says I've had 525 visitors since I launched Organic Journey Online on July 4, 2008. If you're really hard core you can read my disclaimer, but I warn you it is thoroughly boring, although I would guess that my eldest son, an attorney, would say it is not thorough. I'll just make this very clear; he did not write the disclaimer. It basically says I don't claim to be an expert and if you need an expert, go ask one. Due diligence done.
Please join me tomorrow when we tour the really fun stuff, and leave me a comment, now that you know how. For each comment, I'll enter you in the drawing for a free reusable Chicobag. The drawing will be September 1.
Monday I'll wrap up the blog tour and include a schedule. Tuesday I'll be offering some ways to get the most out of your warehouse shopping trips (Costco, Sam's, BJ's) for organic products. Grab a friend to shop with and don't forget the reusable shopping bags.

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